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Anyone can learn to drive, but after your exam, it’s about being prepared as a driver, so things don’t go wrong.

Total Driver is not your ordinary driving school, our instructors educate drivers on much more than just to pass the test.  Ensuring that once your exam is long over, you have a total understanding of how to manage your car and yourself to prevent those accidents occurring.

Proven with evidence through research. Can your driving school do that?

The premium in driver education. OUR PRICES

Ask about our driver training programs with interest free terms, no hidden costs, from only $25.00 per week

Driving lessons, why choose us?

The Total Driver difference is our “Driver Development System” that structures the learning to drive process for the student, mentors the parents in their role as supervised drivers, and connects through schools to form a holistic approach that prepares them as drivers.

A change in driving behaviour that reduces post licence risk and accidents.

Do your driver training with Total Driver and you will also receive:

  • Complete 10 step program which includes
  • Driver awareness training (learning to identify potential hazards)
  • Practical emergency training
  • Home study material videos – (Included FREE)
  • Mentoring program for parents Included FREE)
  • Assessments of lesson performance at each step of the program
  • Driving skills and confidence to pass your driving test first go
  • Plus interest free finance to pay for your training
  • Total Saving of $399 off our regular price… Offer ends soon.

And a whole lot more…

Remember it’s not just about getting your license, it’s about staying alive and learning principles that almost ‘ALL’ driving instructors do NOT TEACH.

WARNING: Driving is the highest risk activity that any person every undertakes. It is the highest risk activity and leading cause of fatalities for the 15 – 25 age groups.. Invest in a worthy driving course that not only helps them to obtain their driver’s license it also helps to ensure they always come home safe.

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Don't let your students learn by accident

Practice is fine, first you must know what to practice

Driving lessons are supposed to be so much more than just driving around for an hour.

If you do it the way it has always been done, then you know the outcome, history predicts the future.

The statistics state it all,

  • 33% will crash in their first year of driving.
  • Four times the fatality rate of the average driver.
  • 3000% increase in accidents post licence compared to prelicence

If you want to improve the odds,

If You don’t believe that young drivers should be over represented.

If you want a better way.
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