A Driving School committed to your kids driving safety.


Total Driver, a Gold Coast Driving School, provides comprehensive driving lessons focused on teaching your child to be a SAFE driver for LIFE.
1 in 3 drivers crash in their first 6 months of driving. Total Driver ensures your child is not the one this happens to.
Servicing Gold Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Coffs Harbour.

Show Me The Packages

First Time Pass Guarantee

Learn to drive the right way - first time. Guaranteed to pass your licence test - first time. No exceptions.

Platinum Plus Driving Lesson Package Total Driver

Car Licence Lessons

We totally understand the need for a driving school to teach your kids in a stress-free and safe way. Total Driver Driving School has 3 packages to suit your needs & your budget. Simply select, book and your kids are on their way to successful driving.

4WD Driving Lessons

whether it beach or bush, we have a range of off-road driver training courses available. Beginner and advanced levels to suit where you are at!

Platinum Learner Driver Program only $25 per week

Disability Rehabilitation & Aged Care Driver Training

Certified by VOSS & NDIS our revolutionary driving training Total Driver has a specialist vehicle and Certified Master Trainers to help you back on the road and up to speed, before you know it.

Not all Driving Schools are the same.

Learning to drive can be a very stressful time.  Not only for your kids, but for you.  We know many parents look for the cheapest lesson costs.  But cheap driving lessons do not always mean your kids are in the best hands.  Total Driver driving instructors are highly trained and certified.  Total Driver driving training programmes have been selected by multiple government organisations as the best available.  We guarantee your kids will be 4 x safer completing our programme.  And the best thing is, we are completely affordable.  Your kids receive exceptional quality driving lessons, you receive feedback after each lesson so you can be comfortable they are forming safe, in fact life saving driving habits for life. 

I want my kids to drive safe
Improvements in todays cars isolate the driver from the inforamtion that made their parents slow down

What our Clients are Saying...

Creating a Safe Future.

Total Driver is more than a driving school.  Yes, we teach your kids how to drive.  We have affordable driving lessons for all budgets. And all students pass their tests every time.

We do what we do for one key reason – to change the experience of drivers on the road.  Every day.  To make sure that kids driving now, and in the future understand consequences, understand risks, and most certainly understand how to avoid accidents.

Along with individual lessons, Total Driver runs in-school driver training programmes through our Charity ‘Prepared For Life’.  We also work with business’s to support and drive community education and awareness.

I want my kids to drive safe

School & Business Affiliates...


Its NOT Your Fault

 Learn the rightway from the beginning, it is more than just passing the driving test, It is about being safer, better prepared. Proven through evidence based research. Can your driving school do that?

We Know Driving

The most experienced instructors, course content with defensive and advanced driving skills as standard.  MD – Gene Corbett’s career has taken him all the way to F1 with Mercedes Benz

All Driving Schools Are Not The Same

Apps that support you. What did you learn? How much practice is required? How do you know what to practice? How do your parents know how to support you?

I Want To Feel Prepared.

Driving lessons and packages that include our Mentoring program, giving you information no one will. We support you, as we prepare them.

Other Services

4WD driver training & Offroad Adventures

  • 4×4 sand course
  • 4WD training course
  • Learn to drive 4×4
  • Caravan towing courses
  • Beach driving and recoveries

Community Events

Billycart championships encourges the passion for driving, to promote safer driving and road skills at a young stage

Disability Driver Training

Back on the road and back up to speed, we have the expertise, vehicles and range of controls to keep you safe and gain your confidence back

Aged Driver Assessments

Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes it is essential for assessment and advice to keep you on the road safely.

Performance Driving Track Days

Take your driving and car to the next level on the racetrack.

In School Programs

Engaging 1 -3 day programs that the students actually enjoy with hands on experience.

Emergency Skills Courses

What to do when things arent going to plan

Total Control – Total Driver

Corporate Days

Team building and upskilling your workforce to promote better productivity and retention.


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