4WD Pre-Trip Plan

There is an old saying, preparation is better than desperation. The same comes to any off-road adventure. So before you head off for our experience, make sure you have a few basics ready. Below is our list for being prepared.

Meetup time: 9.30am

Location: Tewantin Ferry

Tide Charts: Link

Essentials: Food, water, nibbles/snacks. Full tank of fuel, 

Lunch: Total Driver will supply lunch

Barge fee: Provided by Total Driver

This will allow us time to get everyone together and ready to rumble on the beaches of Cooloola Beach to Double Island Point.

Our first stop is a cool little hideaway on Cooloola Island, Coffee and morning tea and we will go over everyones 4WD, accessories and our plan for the day. Unfortunately the tides are the exact opposite for what I would plan, but the world waits for no-one, so it will be a great experience for all. 

This hour will go really quickly as we get everyone ready for the expedition. We will talk you through driving techniques for the beach, how we are going to work and keep everything flowing.

We will talk through various recoveries and ensure that in the event that something doesn’t quite go to plan, recovering the situation will be an adventure, not a series of misadventures.

Our challenge for the day:  Hi tide, (link) is 12.51 pm So our aim is to make getting to double island point as our priority. 

Our aim is to be at Double Island Point by 12pm. During the cross over period, we will have lunch on the beach, I will also bring SUP x 2 if you want to do a bit of water recreation, there is also a nice break at the point if you enjoy a surf or body board. 

Normally we would drive to Rainbow Bay, however it is imperative that crossing the rocks is only a low tide activity and low tide is not an option, being either at 6.00 am or 7.50pm. 

As one of our guests is coming from up north, we are going to explore another track on our way back, that takes us towards Rainbow bay (you go through Rainbow to get to Inskip) so she does not have to drive all the way back to Tewantin.

As a point of interest, it actually saves 1 hour of drive time, when leaving Fraser Island

Recovery gear and Tools

Always plan for the unexpected. It doesn’t have to be just you who is stuck, it can be someone else you need to recover. Over our course today we are going to look at all the ways we can get stuck and how we need to look at various recovery options.

Tyre Pressure Tools

Tyre pressure is critical and needs to be adjusted based on circumstance. On the open road, you want high pressures to minimise side wall flex and stop overheating, this causes tyre failure. Off road you want low tyre pressures to increase the tread surface area, maximising grip.

There are many different types of air pressure guages, this one pictured, available at all auto stores, BCF and of course, the internerd is great for quick air release for airing down tyres for different terrain. 

We will show how to use this tool on our day. Highly recommended

Plan Your Trip

There are no service stations from the beaten track, that is one of the reasons we go there, peace and tranquillity. So make sure you do the basics before you go.

  1. Have a route plan before you start. Make sure you fill up at the last servo, Driving on the beach, where the engine is always under load uses a lot of power and a lot of fuel.
  2. Check your car. Underbonnet, Oils, fluids, hoses, even a tyre repair kit.
  3. Spares, think of the basics, and be prepared.
  4. Homeward bound, do this in reverse. Filler up, check your tyres and fluids.

Packing Your Car

Most 4WDs are over weight just with accessories. let alone when the family all jumps in.

So you need to think about what you are taking, how you are storing things.

If you are an avid camper, then a trailer that is also your tent is actually a good idea, as you can also pack and store a lot of things there as well, reducing the risk of flying objects in your car and spreading out the load.

Reminder: If you pick up house or camping don’t forget to bring your sheets, pillows, towels and whatever you might need to be comfortable. Don’t forget the basics, swags, pillows and toiletries.

Packing Your Car

For any beach drive, knowing your tides is essential. You always want to plan your journey for an outgoing tide, that way if something goes wrong, you have an hour or two up your sleeve to recover and be safe. There are videos all over you tube of people who forget these basic facts. Assumption = the mother of all stuff ups.

Few Tips for driving on the beach:

  • Reduce its overall weight. The lighter the vehicle, the less likely it will get bogged. Pack smart
  • check the level of clearance between the underside of the vehicle and the ground.
  • Watch the water
  • Leave nothing behind but your tyre tracks
  • Lower your tyre pressure (Lowering your tyre pressure will help spread the tyre out, increasing the amount of surface area in contact with the sand.

Essential checklist:

  • Did you allow enough time for morning traffic?
  • Did you remember to fill up with fuel?
  • Are your tyres in good condition?
  • Did you bring a tyre gauge or deflators to adjust your tyre pressure before driving off road?
  • Did you bring snacks, water, to keep hydrated?
  • Is your vehicle serviced, ready for the expedition?
  • Did you fill up with fuel? Yes, it is in there twice for a reason

Do you have a CB radio, hand held or otherwise? They can be purchased quite cheaply from any electronics store and it means we can ensure no one is in trouble or left behind. 

We will supply radios to keep us all in contact

Key Accessory Recommendations

Kwicky tyre deflator = $22 adjusting tyre pressures is one of the easiest and effective things to do to stop getting stuck, bogged or down right embarrassed. It increases the surface area of the tyre by over 30%.

Tyre pressure gauge, ($12) if you don’t have a tyre deflator, you need a tyre pressure gauge, we recommend dropping tyre pressures to 18 psi (124kpa)

Snatch strap and shackles, (From $45) – sometimes even the best of us get stuck, sometimes it is not even us, it is someone who is blocking the track and you need to get them going to keep enjoying your adventure. 

Winch & snatch recovery pack = $69 ( Snatch strap, extension strap, tree trunk protector, 2 x Bow shackles, bully block + bag)

Recovery hitch receiver $34

These kinetic recovery ropes are the next generation in snatch and recovery equipment. So much more effective than snatch straps and with steel-less shackle arrangement, even safer

Kenetic Energy Recovery Rope 8,000kg kit $199 Not Available To The Public save $140 if bought separately

14,000kg soft bound shackle = $55

14,000kg soft sheathed shackle = $44

Are You Ready?

Remember, it is all about family, having fun away from the technology, remembering what life is all about, our great outdoors, sunshine, oceans and waterways.

Remember, it is all about family, having fun away from the technology, remembering what life is all about, our great outdoors, sunshine, oceans and waterways.

Graduates of Total Driver have a 400% reduction in accidents over the first 3 years of obtaining their license, in comparison to the national average*.

The question we ask all supervisors:

“Will you bet your child’s life you have the skills to teach the art of driving?”