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Aged Care Driving Assessments

Safer driving for seniors, aged care assessments and refresher lessons for older drivers. We all get to a point where we start to lose those skills.   Our vision starts to change, compromising our planning and decision making. Sometimes an assessment will allow for a restricted licence to maintain lifestyle.

Driving is not just about getting from one place to another; often it is about how we conduct our lives. Losing the ability to drive or choosing to limit where we drive can mean losing more than just transportation. It can mean losing our independence. And that is something Total Driver wants to help clients to maintain – as long as possible.

Benefits of taking your Assessment with Total Driver

With our aged care driving assessment process you can feel relaxed and in trusted hands from the minute we arrive. Total Driver offers more than just a Driving Assessment.  You can opt for a combined Refresher Course and Assessment when making your booking. This allows you extra time to settle your nerves, ensuring you are in a relaxed environment & headspace before entering into the aged care assessment. It also provides our instructors the opportunity to identify areas for improvement early on in the session and start putting those key skills and techniques in place to really transform your driving.

If required we can postpone the formal assessment and schedule in for some extra sessions to get you comfortable, confident and competent. so book your aged care driving assessment using the below form today.

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