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Fraser Island, South Island Adventure Tour


Fraser Island is truly unique, the largest sand Island in the world. This trip is for those who want to know where everything is, learn the skills to do it yourself and experience everything, to learn the key things you want to go back for , and back again, and again.

There is the South Island Adventure, you can book here

This is the North island adventure covering, Orchid Beach, the lighthouse, Eastern Beach, Champaign pools, Eli Creek and the Moheno ship wreck.

Melbourne Cup is going to be held at the Orchid Beach Pub, it is the most perfect place in the world to celebrate Australia’s greatest horse race. 

We will navigate the infamous Ngala Rocks as we make our way north, the fishing is nothing short of sensational

In 2021, between watching whales, and swimming with turtles, it was an experiences that over saturated the senses. 

You will spend a day at Lake McKenzie, travel through diverse eco systems as we transverse the Island. 

Experience the Pinnacles and sand cliffs and enjoy the recharging magic of the Champaign pools. 

Fraser Island Adventures

Itinerary .

Meeting is Tewantin. the coolest B&B.

With a country ambience it is the perfect setting to start slowing down.

Day 1 we trek to Cooloola island, and make our way to Double Island Point. Here we enjoy a Breakfast, fit for kings, in the most gorgeous bay in creation. 

We make our way north, still on the beach, to Rainbow bay, and past the surf club for lunch. 

After lunch we follow the bitumen where we then head to Inskip point for the barge.

Once on Fraser, we continue to head North to our accommodation. 

The evening is capped with an open fire and traditional camp oven cookout. 

Check out our blog- Six days on Fraser for more information on the adventure that awaits you.

There are seven articles, so ensure you read them all and are prepared to get the maximum out of your adventure. 

Six days on Fraser island

Day two is About the western side of the Island, Eli Creek, Champaign pools, there is no rush. 

Lunch is a beach side BBQ, for some, swimming and fishing in the ocean and others it is sun baking and floating the day away in EIi creek. Turn Left, it is Eli Creek, turn right, the ocean at the foot of Seventy Five Mile Beach.

You haven’t done Fraser until you have kicked back at Eli Creek.

Photos and explore around the Moheno Ship wreck are part of our afternoon activity.  

The afternoon is a treck to Indian Head and the Champaign pools. 

For more info, check our our Blog, Six days on Fraser

Fraser Island South Island Adventure
Fraser island 4x4 escapes
Fraser Island adventures South Island

Day three of our Fraser Island Adventure is the infamous Lake Mackenzie and Central station. 

As part of this treck, we will examine another shipwreck of the day, a logging ship, hidden from the world. 

In itself, a sensational adventure

This is such a relaxing enjoyable day out, we take SUP, Kayaks and other inflatables to really enjoy the absolute serenity of Lake MacKenzie. 

Lunch is provided and catered for and the evening finishes with sunset at the sunset bar on King Fisher Bay!

Fraser Island South Island Adventures, Central Station

Day four is your time. 

However you would like Fraser to be, it is your day to relax and enjoy and we are your chaperones 

Book Now, Fraser island and your dream adventure is waiting

This trip will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to do Fraser again and again

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