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There are many new features in a 4×4 and for people who are first time 4×4 vehicle owners, there is little understanding of what the various features are and how to use them. We are dedicated to provide the right training in handling 4×4 vehicle drivers and owners.

Our 4WD Training Programs

Our courses are very hands-on. We introduce key driving skills and techniques on postural stability, reducing fatigue and the basics of all 4×4 skills.

Services and products

  • Pre-arranged tours that the client can either Come-a-long or Tag-a-long in our vehicles,
  • Custom packages according to clients specifications, including self drive in our vehicles.
  • 4WD specific driver training and adventure tours.
  • Corporate and team building events.
  • Vehicle release and client engagement programs.

Must see videos for our 4WD training adventures

Total Driver

Australia's Best Driving School

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Graduates of Total Driver have a 400% reduction in accidents over the first 3 years of obtaining their license, in comparison to the national average*.

The question we ask all supervisors:

“Will you bet your child’s life you have the skills to teach the art of driving?”