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Turn your lead acquisition costs into a user pays profitable model,
convert 70% of these leads into paid customers without them ever going to another dealer.
Engage in your community like never before.

Be a part of this innovative program designed to integrate your dealership into the community through the Total Driver schools development program. This program joins driving students, parents and schools together in their mutual aim to produce safer drivers.

Build your reputation, support your local community and develop responsible and technically proficient drivers in your area 

whilst driving business to your sales team and profit to your dealership’s bottom line.

For more information on the benefits to your dealership, financial benefits and the Total Driver program fill in your details below to receive an IM written and prepared by Dr Tom McKaskill and Gene Corbett detailing this revolutionary program.

Dealership Benefits

There will be no dealer cross over, ensuring our partners have exclusive access to their local community.
There are numerous advantages in being part of this innovative program. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Exclusivity to PMA schools, community groups and business organisations to promote your dealership exclusively
  2. Revenue generation driven through the cost of each lesson paid to you after administration costs are removed
  3. Marketing and core programs to drive customer awareness that there is now an option to the road toll available at your dealership
  4. Exclusive media as your pilot students are tracked and measured for results, both media driven and university researched
  5. First option to secure your PMA, against competition, for no fee option for the life of the program
  6. No cost dealer education nights on how to utilise the Total Driver system and preparing novice drivers to drive for life, not just a license.

Program Administration is managed by Total Driver. We will supply highly qualified instructors, manage all paperwork and course preparation, coordinate sales conversion and supply marketing material.

YES, it is that good, but as we said it is limited to 1 dealer per PMA so enquire now below.

Dealer Lead Conversion and Retention Rates

Learn what Dr Tom KcKaskill had to say in his independent review of our World first dealership model

Dr Tom McKaskill
Global serial entrepreneur,
world renowned author and
former Richard Pratt Professor
of Entrepreneurship at the
Australian Graduate School
of Entrepreneurship, Melbourne)


Key points from his comprehensive review are

  1. The Total Driver program can be a key strategy for the car manufacturer as the conversion rate is seen to be higher than 50%

  2. learner drivers have a 70% probability of buying the brand they learn to drive in.

  3. Additional bene ts to the car manufacturer will be the publicity surrounding the initial agreement and ongoing PR

“The Total Driver program is a great example of both the switching cost issues and the satificing theory.

A learner driver is much more likely to buy the car they learn to drive in.

Furthermore, if the parent sees a good experience for the child and is well treated at the dealership, their switching costs are lowered and they are more likely to switch to the brand of the dealer.” – Dr Tom MaKaskill @ Griffith University Gold Coast campus 2014

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