Total Driver is a specialist driver training provider.

We offer a comprehensive approach to learning to drive including community based driver education programs, specialist training and corporate events.

Our defensive driving courses are highly recommended for all drivers, (Our Level 1 Course “P Drivers” is an integral component of our Learn to Drive program). All courses cover the essential skills of The Art of Driving.

Proactive Driver

Advanced Driving Skills

Advanced Driver

Performance Driver

Proactive Driver

Advanced Driving Skills

Advanced Driver

Performance Driver

Learn Practical Skills

Practically orientated, they are beneficial every time you get behind the wheel. The “skills” taught by nearly all other driving schools are geared to passing the test for P Plates. Life saving skills such as emergency braking, avoidance of other vehicles or objects whilst braking, rapid changes in direction, regaining control on wet roads – the list of emergency situations ALL drivers will encounter at some stage during their driving life, are not taught. The most often result is an accident, from a slight dent to fatalities.

3 levels of Driver development:


The Proactive Driver

Level 1

This course reduces driver fatigue with techniques that drop fatigue related incidents by over 30%

Advanced Driving Skills

The Advanced Driver

Level 2

This course focuses on the technique for balance required between car and driver. It explores understeer, oversteer and drift style driving.   The quintessential step for all drivers aspiring to the Performance course.

The Performance Driver

Level 3

This programme is for drivers who wish to compete either at club, state or national level. The course has been developed from the years of experience of Total Driver team gained F1, V8, Super Cars and a myriad of other ventures.

Covering a broad range of skills and techniques. Cornering lines, tuning and obtaining the best from the car, techniques to “look after the car” – to finish first, first you must finish.

To qualify for the Performance Driver Programme, completing the Advanced Driver course is mandatory.


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