Duration: 5 days
Route: Richmond – Winton – Lark Quarry – Hughenden – Porcupine Gorge – Richmond (loop)

Follow in the footsteps of the prehistoric creatures that once roamed this ancient land. The Australian Dinosaur Trail encompasses the towns of Winton, Hughenden and Richmond which all have their own unique dinosaur stories to tell. 

A journey along Australia’s Dinosaur Trail offers visitors a range of unique experiences not available anywhere else in the world, let alone Australia.
In Winton visit Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways which is set in an amazing landscape of red earth, Spinifex and jump-up country. See the dinosaur footprints which inspired the dinosaur stampede in Stephen Spielberg’s movie ‘Jurassic Park’. Head to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum to see the world’s largest collection of Australian Dinosaur fossils. In Hughenden , meet Hughie a skeletal Muttaburrasaurus at The Flinders Discovery Centre. Travel north from Hughenden to Porcupine Gorge National Park to see 500 million years of layers of rock formations in this deep gorge system, known as the Australia’s ‘Little Grand Canyon’.
In Richmond, visit Kronosaurus Korner which is primarily dedicated to displaying marine reptiles. However, Kronosaurus Korner is also home to Australia’s best preserved dinosaur skeleton…

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs is home to the world’s largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils.

24 kilometres south east of Winton to the ‘Jump Up’, a mesa that is home to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs and the worlds largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils. 


Dinosaur Trail

At night, camping under the open stars. You can hire one of our TBAR tents, bring your own camper trailer or get all Australian with a swag. Either way the camp fire, camp oven  meals and our sensational company will make this the trip of trips into our history and culture as Australia

See 3,300 fossilised dinosaur footprints from a time when dinosaurs stomped through lush rainforests and the outback looked very different from the way it is today.

Embark on an adventure, 110 kilometres south west of Winton to the Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry Conservation Park; discover the only evidence of a Dinosaur Stampede on the planet. 

Visit “Hughie”, the seven metre-tall Muttaburrasaurus

We will travel north-east to Hughenden from Winton to see ‘Hughie’ a Muttaburrasaurus, the amazing fossil exhibition and the Porcupine Gorge Light and Sound Show. 

Stretching our legs with a 1.5 kilometre diverse bio-regions of the “Eco walk on Flinders”. Then we will travel 54 kilometres south of Prairie to the natural surrounds of Koooorinya Falls Nature Reserve.

You will be in awe with the Porcupine Gorges towering sandstone cliffs and lush vine-forest fringing Porcupine Creek providing a striking contrast with surrounding flat plains.

Spending time at Porcupine Gorge National Park and trekking 1.2 kilometres to the base to savour the magnitude of this amazing gorge system. You will enjoy selected drives throughout the shire, taking in amazing landscapes and diverse terrain. Finishing the day with a trip to Mount Walker, 10 kilometres south of Hughenden for an Outback sunset. We will be camping at Porcupine Gorge 

On our final day we will travel from Hughenden to Richmond where you can start your exploration at Kronosaurus Korner. Kronosaurus Korner is the home of Australia’s premier marine fossil collection, originating from the Great Inland Sea that existed 110 million years ago. 

Meet ‘Penny’ the Richmond Pilosaur, Australia’s most complete marine vertebrate specimen. 

Learn about fossils, fossil hunting and the preparation and lab techniques used to prepare these astounding displays. Follow the Heritage Walk around town, taking in the business precinct from yesteryear and enjoying the local artefacts of historical and cultural significance at the Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre. Take some time to investigate the diverse flora in the Bush Tucker Gardens. Otherwise, you can head to Richmond’s Lake Fred Tritton for some water action.

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