Disability and Rehabilitation Driving Case Study

Disability and Rehabilitation driving lessons NDIS approved
HARRY’s First driving lesson. The smile says it all

Disability and Rehabilitation Driving Case Study

Total Driver also specialise in Disability and Rehabilitation Driving programs for people from all walks of life. One of our cars is specifically fitted out for specialist training requirements, special driving for special people. Total Driver are NDIS approved and also approved under the VOSS scheme for Disability and Rehabilitation driving

Our student of the month is Young Harry Wheatley.

Every now and then you meet someone that turns adversity on its head. Harry is one of those people.

Harrison is an amazing young 16 years old who has gone through more operations, hospital stays, injections etc than most of us could handle and his only wish is always the same…… “to be like his mates”!

He successfully passed his learner’s licence test and was introduced to the Total Driver program through his Occupational Therapist. For those who don’t know, Total Driver also works with OT’s doing driving assessments and assisting in specifying vehicle accessories with our vehicle fitted out for Disability and Rehabilitation Driving

disability and rehabiliation driving, Special Driving needs
Determined, focused, fun, family, Harry Succeeds in all facets of life he applies himself to



Disability and Rehabilitative driving
Living life to the fullest.










He strives to achieve success in every aspect of his life by trying everything. Whether it be reaching sporting success through shot putt/discus, school or his new found sport Archery.

Over the years Harrison has fundraised for many charity’s that are close to his heart proving that the only disability he has is other people’s minds.

Disability and Rehabilitative driving NDIS approved
The passion is the same for all drivers, marking the beings of steps from teens into adulthood

Now he is conquering driving. Total Driver has been privileged to be part of his journey and how he is adapting and achieving his goals is astounding. Being able to take advantage of the Disability and Rehabilitation Driving vehicle of Total Driver, has allowed Harry to progress through all ten modules in the Development program.

Due to his physical challenges, Harry requires special equipment to drive, so unlike most students who participate in the Total Driver program, where there is plenty of practice between each session, Harry has kept pace without that post lesson support.

He has great family support to which is essential for any students journey in learning to drive, dad even made a special seat insert to improve postural stability, driver comfort, and control.


Harry uses the following controls with his Disability and Rehabilitation driving lessons, fitted by Safe T Ride supplied by Total Ability  

  • Lodgesons spinner knob
  • Control lever with accessory pad, to use lights, indicator, and horn (only if finger not working)
  • Bluetooth accelerator control.

If you know someone who has a great ambition and desire to get on the road, or even someone who has the challenge of getting back on the road again, Total Driver can help, with cars fitted out with the latest accessories to en

Disability and Rehabiliatation driving, NDIS approved
Harry in action behind the wheel

able every driver to enjoy the journey.

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