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NDIS Disability & Rehabilitation Driver Training

Total Driver is approved under the VOSS subsidy scheme and NDIS ( National Disability Insurance Scheme) Disability & Rehabilitation driver training. Our Disability Rehabilitation Driving Training staff have extensive knowledge about what it takes to retrain, educate and develop the skills necessary to assist you and your clients to drive. From hand steering operations to thumb controls and wheel chair assists and additional pedal controls we have the technology in car to assist.

``Together with the occupational therapists we provide a driving solution to get you mobile behind the wheel.``

Our disability & rehabilitation driver training programs are revolutionary and proprietary. At Total Driver training we use many techniques and training that is not offered anywhere else.  That is why more people recommend Total Driver than any other driving school.

We are fully Accredited to provide this type of training, with all certificates and registrations combined trainer experience well over 65 years in the driver training field.

Disability & Rehabilitation Vehicle

Total Driver vehicles modifications allow us to specialise in the area of disability and rehabilitation driving training.  Servicing Coffs Harbour, Tweed, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Toowoomba we work with Occupational Therapists to tailor driving programmes specific to clients requirements.

Government Funding

Talk to us about our Disability & Rehabilitation Driver Training options available to help get you on the road with confidence.

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Disability & Rehabilitation Driver Training
75% of the people in Youngcare are under 25 and there through road trauma Disability & Rehabilitation Driver Training

Satellite Accelerators

This adaption allows for additional control of the vehicle while keeping hands on the wheel, great for those with issues of mobility and arm/hand control issues.

Control Lever

A fully functional lever arm for those with arm and/or hand control issues. This lever is fully funtional.

Spinner Knobs and Multifunction Grips

Designed to allow for use by persons with hand control issues, or range of styles means we will have a product ready to use for any type of issue you may have.

Other Accessories

We have the widest range of modification accessories than any other offering in SEQ and Northern NSW greater area, whatever the situation or personal requierment we can assist to get you or your client back on the road.

A Compelling Read

Dear Reader, I’m writing as a former student of Total Driver, and would like to fully endorse them in both excellence of driver training, and commitment to running a company determined to create the best possible outcomes of their students.

In December 2005 I started learning to drive with a local driving school. The training received was that of most driving schools in Australia. Within two months I was to go for my practical driving exam. Several days before that date, while practicing with a friend, I was involved in a near fatal accident, which to this day I have no memory of. I’m told that I drove through a stop sign at an intersection and was t-boned by a council bus directly into the driver’s side door.

After almost a year of rehabilitation and multiple surgeries, I began the search for a new driving school. Due to past events, I was looking for the absolute best in the industry. I saw Total Driver in the Yellow Pages and noted the experience with race driver training. After calling and talking to Gene about my accident I felt like I had found exactly what I was looking for.

During my first lesson I was extremely impressed. The fear I had of returning to driving was greatly diminished with Gene’s professionalism in the subject. Before we even turned the car on we went through the details of how to correctly set up a car for driving, as well as many of the advanced techniques used in driving.

The training was exceptional, and far different from what I received from a regular driving school. I wasn’t left to drive how ‘felt best for me’ and ‘as long as I can pass my exam’ was far from what was being emphasized. Rather I was taught exactly how to control a car, as well as deal with many different situations.

At first it was much more difficult because I had to actually train myself to use these techniques, rather than use any method, as long as I ticked the exam boxes.

I also did Total Driver’s advanced training day. This was extremely useful, as it taught me a lot about how cars act is various situations, as well as how to avoid them, both in theory and as practical training. After several months I went for my driving test, and came out with a wonderful report. I remember the examiner writing ‘good drive’, emphasized in large capital letters.

In the two and a half years since that day, I’ve been driving almost every day, on almost every street, with the upmost confidence, and to this day haven’t lost a speck of paint. I’ve been able to avoid countless situations, where without the training and confidence I received at Total Driver, may have ended in a Total Mess.

I would like to thank Gene, Mike and all others that make Total Driver what it is. A company devoted to being the best driver trainers possible. They put countless hours and resources into what they believe in, 7 days a week 52 weeks a year. As a student that owes so much to them, I would support any business related or otherwise involvement with Total Driver and any of their devoted staff.

Yours sincerely,
Cameron Henderson

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