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Driver Education Press Release. 

the highest risk activity we ever undertake
When the system is failing learner drivers

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Trinity School supporting students in safer driving outcomes.

The Road toll in NSW last year increased by 25% against all international trends. This simply shows the approach of driver education, in just passing the driving test, is not enough. 

Fact: Over 90% of driving instruction is currently supervised by friends and parents who have no training, accreditation or formal qualifications to provide that instruction and supervision.Prepared for life registered Charity with in school driver education programs

The only form of education and training, where the student is allowed to define the process, where the parents can be trainers with no qualifications or experience necessary and where the consequence of getting it wrong can be fatal, is learning how to drive.

Trinity College is addressing this issue with Sponsored driver education programs from Prepared for Life and Total Driver

The SAFE program is being conducted this week. The goals of the program are to educate year 10 students in how to apply the rules practically on the road, to prepare them for successfully completing the learner’s licence test and most importantly to address their driving behaviour.

The program also supports important information such as vehicle maintenance and changing tyres.

Total Driver Director, Gene Corbett, whose experience includes teaching high end, performance and race driving, culminating with Mercedes Benz F1 in 2003, has developed a unique program that is shown to reduce post licence accident rates by 75%. A reduction of 25% would save the NSW economy over $1bn pa.  By creating a three-way partnership, between parent, student, and schools, the program leads all parties through a series of defined parameters, changing driver behavior and producing better safer drivers.   For more information, please contact Gene Corbett on 0421734725 or

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Total Driver programs create 4 times safer drivers guaranteed

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Graduates of Total Driver have a 400% reduction in accidents over the first 3 years of obtaining their license, in comparison to the national average*.

The question we ask all supervisors:

“Will you bet your child’s life you have the skills to teach the art of driving?”