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Hi. I just wanted to add this post. There has been people looking for driving instructors online, it was amazing to see the feeding frenzy that came out. Everyone competing on price.

Driver Development projects from four key elements
Driver Development projects from four key elements

Yes I am a driving instructor, yes I have my own school. Our approach is very different. This is due to my back ground and experience.
There is a wealth of information out there about how our teens are not prepared properly as drivers, One academic road safety researcher, Bridie Scott, states she will not even let her son drive until he is 40, based on current statistics.…/pplaters-driving-without-a-parent-d…

But we keep doing it the same way. The industry can only provide a value proposition on two fronts, how quick and how cheap. Yet what they are playing with is irreplaceable.
The federal government introduced the “Keys to Drive” program, the only focus is to give students a free driving lesson and teach the parents how to sit down, and let the kids work out how to do it themselves.

Practice is fine, but you need to know what to practice.
Practice is fine, but you need to know what to practice.

Isn’t this where it all goes wrong in the first place? Can you name any form of education or training, be it school, university, the workplace, where the student is allowed to define the process and become the teacher. Where the supervisors are allowed to be self appointed, with no training and the assessment process is based on rules, yet the governing bodies own statistics clearly show a post licence spike multiple of 30 times their prelicence risk.
What this shows is that the approach and emphasis in the pre licence phase, does not prepare them for the environment as a driver.
Yet the governments own program, again devalues the industry, fails to provide a value proposition or lay down any effective markers and cost the tax payer $20M for the privilege.

What the industry does is use this as a loss leader to create a marketing funnel, that drags people into the same net, that produces the same results that it always has and always will.
Why? (A) It cannot understand what it’s core subject and content projects from. As it cannot do this, it cannot provide a systematic approach, that defines the deliverables, measures against them and aligns the parameters that define a good driver.

I am not saying anyone should use our system, despite that we have had two universities state we have produced students consistently that are four times lesson likely to crash post licence, (This is a 75%) reduction in their post licence risk behviour.

In 2015- 2017 we are partnering with Griffith University to research the program, based on their and others assumption that we have fixed what they call the default. This is global, it means, “What happens if we don’t do anything”. This is how legislation is written, it is how programs like “Keys to Drive” are funded. It means that they know the post licence accident rate, the fatality rate, injuries, cost the community, etc. So they can budget for it. Not fix it, budget for it.

A 25% reduction in post licence accident rates, will save the NSW economy $1bn annually. Every Year.

Road safety comprises of four key elements
Road safety comprises of four key elements

How are we going to fund this?:

We have to fund it by finding parents and families who want to support a different approach, to create a different outcome.

So really the choice comes down to you, as a community, as parents, as drivers.
Are you happy to accept the default, run the risk and pray it isn’t your kids that are the cause of a midnight call.
If so, we are not for you. I do not mean that disrespectfully. I just mean honestly. If people will pay a plumber ten times more to replace a leaking tap washer, than they will pay to prepare their kids for the most high risk activity they will ever undertake. Then I need to pick up the tools.
(formula,= Driving lessons promoted at $30/lesson – travelling time of 30 minutes not charged, = $15 ph as their actual rate. The minimum award rate is $16.80. So a plumber who charges $100 (1 hr) call out, plus 1 hour labour makes $200 ph to fix a leaky washer, the driving school cannot legally afford to employ people and should work behind the counter at McDonalds and make more money.)

If the current situation does not sit well with you, if you look at other drivers on the road, the growing pandemic of dash cam videos, the accidents, traffic jams and all the chaos and think to your self, there has to be a better way. Then please consider our program

For when it costs you $1m per child to raise your family, an investment of $1000 is a great investment when it comes with a 75% reduction in risk.
Our testimonials pages are full of people who have made the same decision. Our best customers are people who have experience currents standards of pre licence driver ed and looked for a better way.

Don't let your students learn by accident
Don’t let your students learn by accident

The Irony is that when it comes to teaching them how to drive, we just throw a few of the basics at them and then blame them when it all goes wrong.
We choose driving schools based on how good Barry is as an instructor, did they pass first time and personal experiences. Never do we ask the question, what am I paying for when I buy driver training and driving lessons. 80% of the people in YoungCare are there through road trauma.

So if we keep doing things the way we have always done it, we are always going to get the same results. When their post licence fatality rate is three times that of experienced drivers, will you take the risk?

I am interested in your feedback…

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