When driver training goes wrong

When driver training goes wrong

Have you seen our video this week. It is a sad but oh so true fact of what goes wrong when people are only focused on getting their licence, not what happens in the real world , that day, the next day, the day after that.

Driver training is a unique industry, in the sense that it does not understand what it projects from. Each and every program you look at, is based on the perspective of the provider. Some are good, most are bad.

In all the years I spent working for various providers, Mercedes Benz, BMW and others, I never saw a program outside of that circle, that actually had a base of research, engineering, bio-dynamics and physics. All were conducted from the perspective of the provider.

What is Driver training. A question we should all ask more.

I clearly remember one provider, whose content was so bad, the focus was schools and entertaining the students with skids, slides and general hooning, just so they would be hyped up and encourage their peers and school to come back the following year.
It really is hard to make driver training exciting, as the costs are so real, life is so precarious and the risks are so high.

When you watch the video , people initially can’t work out how the accident happened. Then they blame the driver. They say he was speeding, not paying attention, his radio was to loud, we have heard them all.

What happens is a car pulls out in front of him, the driver reacts, infact he over reacts. People generally have two responses, fight, or flight. He had flight, he ran, across to the other side of the road. The person who had made all the mistakes, who pulled out of an intersection,  into his path, simply kept going until he hit him. Essentially, he didn’t see him, simply down to how our eyes work, we have three types of vision and our brain, picks and chooses what we think we should see, compared to what is really there.

Driver Development projects from four key elements

S0, how could the right driving lessons, have prevented this accident?

When you watch the clip again, a driver, that has been prepared properly, has a very     proactive skill and mindset. We teach them how to drive with their peripheral vision, their     eyes are attracted by movement that focuses their tunnel vision, Yes it is a skill to teach    this.

The intersection is clear, as is the car sitting waiting. There is plenty of time and road to turn, even at speed.  Simple technique, that retrains our muscle memory, would have braced, braked and turned left, to avoid the car.

Yes, his heart would have been in his mouth, yes his heart rate would have been up. The maneuver though, was really simple, with plenty of time, space and road to do this. Instead of a 15 g impact into a tree, months of injury and rehabilitation and years of pain, he would have had a winge.

How to find a driver training to provide your driving lessons and driving experience

When you are searching for a driver training provider. When you want driving lessons for your son or daughter, this is how you make the decision. Unfortunately, when it is about cost, when the outcome is measured by just passing the driving test, the risk is that when one thing is introduced that the driver was not expecting, their natural process is exactly what will get them into trouble and create the exact accident that we all fear they will be in.

Complete driver education for every student

Treat Driver Education, driving lessons, and or driver training, as any other form of education.

If you are talking schooling, the focus is always on the school, with the best OP, the best culture and the best reputation.

If you are talking sports, the top coach is a money no object investment, career, runs on the board, outcomes.  For coaches, it is a lifelong career to take their history as a player, their time as a coach and work their way from the bottom to the top. This can take decades.

Yet with driver training, we let the students define what they think they will need, when they think they are ready and the bench mark is passing the driving test. Then the accidents roll in, the injuries, hospitals, pain and suffering. There is also the fatalities.

Don’t think of driver training as a cost, it is an investment, so that when just one thing creeps into the environment that they weren’t  anticipating, they have the tools to manage it, create safe outcomes and always come home.

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