Driver training. What are you paying for

this is the first of many subjects that will keep you informed and educated as to what and how to prepare your teen for the act of driving.

Driving is not a cost, it is an investment. You only have to witness todays carnage, a carload, four people, killed doing what we all take for granted, getting from A – B

No person ever hops into a car to crash, yet we do it with such monotony that we can all expect to have a major accident once every five years.

Think about that. your wife, your family, your kids, your lover. Once every five years, are playing Russian roulette with the act of driving.

So what is good driving, stay tuned for more indepth discussions

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Graduates of Total Driver have a 400% reduction in accidents over the first 3 years of obtaining their license, in comparison to the national average*.

The question we ask all supervisors:

“Will you bet your child’s life you have the skills to teach the art of driving?”