Drivers vision- stall the speed and buy time

Vision skills and techniques

Stall the speed and buy time

Driver fatigue, flow of informationOur second big safe Driving tip – Driver Fatigue is on our vision. Vision is imperative, unfortunately, everything we want to do, is the exact opposite of what we need to do as a driver and as for our vision, this is exactly what is wrong.

We all have three fields of vision, close, peripheral and tunnel. When we are walking and we see a threat, we focus on this, collapsing our big picture peripheral and our long-distance tunnel to revert to our close vision.

On the right is how we see out of a car, on the left is how we see in the car, as we introduce speed

Works perfectly in our natural environment of walking and running and unfortunately is in direct conflict with our created environment as a driver, as we introduce speed, and our brains cannot process speed.

So what happens, is we become reactive in our driving, constantly trying to keep up with everything that has happened, instead of being in front and controlling what we create. It is a learned skill.

We will learn more about this next month. How to look and what to see is imperative. What will surprise you is that everything we want to do, what we want to see, happens to be the exact opposite of what we need to so and see, as there is nothing natural about the art of driving

It is a learned skill.

So our natural process reduces the field of view, accelerates the window of information, and causes our eyes, to tell us lies.

This, of course, accelerates information, increasing fatigue, and engineers the crash we are about to create.

So how does this work?

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