Only the very best for your child

Think about this, you search out the very best hospital to give birth to your child, the most safest childcare so you get back to work, only the best primary school, move suburbs or cities to get them into the best high school Music lessons from a career musician, all the best safety gear for their sporting.

But then when it comes to learning to drive we say ‘she’ll be right’ and just pick the cheapest and dodgiest driver trainer who has done just a 3 day course in business management and is now tooting outside your house ready for the next 1 hour of driving (not a lesson, just driving time, there is a difference).

BUT, here are a few FACTS that you MUST know before you do anything.

We don’t realise how complex driving is until we have to teach someone and they dont get it. Your Brake pedal doesn’t work, there is no steering and they just wont listen. there are cars, people, and things that just wont get out of the way. TD takes care of this, leading them through a series of learning outcomes, and then providing you the parent with the support to guide you, as we prepare them. There are a number of things going on here, for instance, what happened to your little angel and since when did they get ‘posessed’. They think they are legends, you are rediscovering religion and it is like you are speaking different languages. Essentially the challenges comes down to how we process threats and Hazard information,

Griffith University have labeled this as ``Emboidied Cognitive Skill``

it works perfectly well in our natural environment, walking and running, yet when we put them behind the wheel of a car, it is now the exact opposite of what is required. This creates stress, this collapses their vision, then suddenly, it is happening to fast, to late and they cannot even process what you are saying. The Total Driver process is your best friend, we pioneered the hard stuff, and support you to practice, no yelling, no stress, just learning the right way from the beginning, from professionals who understand what driver training actually is. Simple answer, No. we say this as no one has prepared you. it is not what you know that is the challenge, it is everything that you haven’t been told. So much has been learnt since you got your licence. Back then, cars were horribly engineered, they scared us into slowing down, the environment was relaxed, open and their was no such thing as congestion or road rage. Driving was fun. Now days, everything is pressured, intense, plus the expectation is now so high, In addition, all the information our scary vehicles gave to slow us down, is now isolated (rattles and knocks felt through te wheel in old cars), so the driver feels invicible, bullet proof. “If you want to get what you’ve always had, do what you’ve always done”.

Statistically, 1/3rd will crash in their first three months, their accident rate spikes 3000%

and 75% of the people in youngcare, are under 25 and there through road trauma. Yet none of these people hopped into the car to crash and most of these people were considered normal, happy, adjusted and responsible. So where and why does it go wrong

Why Total Driver?

Free parent introduction lesson

Statistics show what happens if we don’t do anything. If we just keep doing what we have already done (random driving lessons with no set outcome). To create the change, your journey starts here, with how we support you, as we prepare the.

Stress, fights, arguements, is it really worth it?

It is like you both are speaking two different languages, we are the interpreter, solving your challenges as we open their minds and eyes. We pioneer the hard stuff and then support you, so you can help them practice

Questioning, am I the right person to do this.

Who prepares you, to prepare them? it is not what you know that is the issue, it is everything that you are not being told. So much has changed since we got our drivers licence

An industry that is failing YOUR children

You would not school them but letting attend random days, terms, even years, when they felt like it. So why do it with driving lessons? there is much more to it than just driving around for an hour.

Find out 10 key things every parent needs to know when teaching your kids how to drive.

About Our Differences

Listen to what other professional driver trainers, past students and parents have to say about our programs…


Features Total Driver Program Typical Driving School
We provide these as lesson 1 introductions to our programs, ALL the others just driver around for an hourIndividual Lessons, online booking, phone support, choose your driving time and pickup location
Sadly this 4 days theory course is all is needed to be able to drive your child around, NO practical NO supervision NO competency NO skill for the most part. Instructors passed 4 day industry licence
Only Total Driver has a driver instructor program that involves 3 months of intensive training for all their master trainers, ALL the other schools have just 4 days theory, NO PRACTICAL REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE.Instructors passed 3 month intensive master training program
Research conducted by Griffith University in 2015 showed that our students were over 4 times less likely to crash post licence than the industry standard4X less likely to crash
Most of our master certified instructors have many years experience in driver training and in other fields like bike, heavy vehicle, tactical and defence. Highly qualified instructors are drawn to us and our programs. Instructors have 5 year minimum driver training experience or under the guidance of someone who has
Our program is scentifically proven to reduce accident rates by 3000%Structured programs proven by Science to Reduce Accidents
Transparency on lesson performance, supporting parents to prepare their child We create a three way partnership between student, the parent and our Certified Master Trainers.Technology focused content delivery with 24/7 Access to Online Assessments
You have 100 hours of Supervised Driving, who supports you, to prepare them?Parents Mentoring Program
Offering a range of additional training like advanced skills on track, emergency procedures, 4x4 training, performance car driving, tactical and defencive drivingDriver Development Programs
Not just learning to pass the test like the others but when our system is followed you WILL pass your test (see our guarantee).Test Ready Programs
We have a fully equiped vehicles ready to handle every posible disabilty to get more people safely on the roadAbility to service physically disabled students
Dr Andrew Perderson has researched the core techniques behind our programs and found a change in driver behaviour from Reactive to Proactive. "Driver Training and Driver Performance"NASA and US Navy originally validated this method and our research stems from this
Industry standard is a 4 day course that focus on business operations, Our TD Master trainers are trained over 6 months with a certifed TD trainer.Intensive training for our instructor