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Driving lesson packages

Learning to drive is the most complex thing we ever do, but now you have to prepare your teen as a driver with 12 months and 100 hours of supervised driving. But, who prepares you? MUCH MORE than just grouping lessons together for a discount, the Development program pioneers each step to ensure they are prepared and then supports you, with a resource program to guide you through the next 12 months and to structure their practice.

The Total Driver Development program is the most cost effective approach to learn to drive. No stress, no yelling, just learning to drive the rightway from the beginning. In addition, you receive 30 hours of your log book and a 10% COMMITMENT discount.

Package this with the federal government’s Keys to Drive program and you receive 11 lessons and save 20% & $168.00

The ten most important driving lessons you will ever have.

Our driving lesson packages are much more than just driving around for an hour. Each step is a structured program that actively changes driver behaviour, from reactive to proactive. What the experts say LEARN MORE

At each step you receive a live report of lesson performance, what the program focused on, key things you need to help with practice and how much practice is required.

Free Post Driving lesson Support

Total Driver Driving Lesson Program Difference

Driving lessons that support you, as we prepare them. Practice is fine, first you must know what to practice.

At each step of the Total Driver program, we break down the lesson plan, and then teach you, to support them with each practice drive you need to do. It is the same as you are participating in an advanced driving course, at no extra costs to you.

No other driving school can offer you this support, experience and professional know how.