Driving offences that can effect learner drivers insurance premiums

Learning to driver is hard enough with so many rules and regulations, what do they all mean? Do I really need to know all this stuff as a learner driver? Well the fine could be just the start of it as Kirsty Lamont Director of Mozo explains

The insurance hit that could outstrip a driving fine 

Whether it’s something simple like forgetting to indicate or failing to put your lights on when it’s getting dark, every Queensland driver has probably made a few mistakes on the road.

But while most drivers are aware of the standard fines and demerit points they could be hit with for any number of offenses, what they might not be aware of is the added cost bad driving could have on their car insurance premiums when it comes time to renew.

A recent Mozo comparison of 20 popular Australian insurers* found that if you’re hit with a driving offence not only could your car insurance premium rise by as much as 48%, but you could also be denied comprehensive insurance in the future depending on the insurer.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the most common driving offences and the hit they could have on your wallet.

  1. Speeding on the motorway

It may be tempting to put your foot down on the motorway to get past that annoyingly slow truck or campervan, but the risk for your own safety, and for your wallet, just isn’t worth it. f you’re caught speeding between 30-40km/h over the limit:

  • The fine you’ll cop: $568
  • The demerits: 6 points
  • The hit to your insurance: If you’ve already got some demerit points against your name a 6 demerit point hit might be enough for you to lose your licence. Mozo’s car insurance comparison found that one popular insurer increased its premium by over $300 for drivers with a recent licence suspension.
  1. Driving while using your phone

Itching to whip out your mobile for a quick glance at Facebook or to make sure you’re going the right way? If you’re caught using a mobile while driving you it will be one expensive text.

  • The fine you’ll cop: $365
  • The demerits: 3 points
  • The hit to your car insurance: If a phone-related offence was enough to warrant a licence suspension you could find it difficult renewing your insurance. Mozo found that nearly 1 in 3 insurers won’t offer comprehensive car insurance policies to drivers with a record of suspension in the past 3-5 years.
  1. Not wearing a seatbelt

If you or your passengers are caught not wearing a seatbelt you’ll be in for a hit to your demerit points and a substantial fine, and your passengers could even be fined as well.

  • The fine you’ll cop: $365
  • The demerits: 3 points
  • The hit to your car insurance: Similarly to the scenarios above, the impact of a seatbelt-related offence on your car insurance depends on your driving history. The Mozo comparison revealed penalties ranging from a potential 48% premium increase to the possibility of being denied the chance to renew with your particular insurer.

For a full list of driving offences and fines check out the Queensland government’s transport and motoring website, and remember that the cleaner your driving history, the cheaper your car insurance – plus your bank balance will be healthier for it!

* The Mozo car insurance comparison compared 20 of the most popular car insurance policies in Australia. The results were based on a 31 year old female from Brisbane with no recent claims, driving a 2012 Toyota Corolla which was parked overnight in a secured garage.

As Mozo’s director, Kirsty Lamont’s Mozo portal compares many brands and then pass that knowledge on to Aussie consumers in useful and easy to understand ways. Give them a try today.



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