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Cameron Henderson

You would be amazed the amount of teens who crash cars whilst learning to drive

The problem is so bad, driving schools do not let their students drive home when they have graduated by passing their drivers test!!

Cameron Henderson was one such student, only he did not make it to his driving test.

Whilst practicing on the weekend before the test, he did not see an intersection, the stop sign and most importantly, did not see the bus coming through from his right.

Remember, both he and his parents were told he was a good driver, the instructor helped them booking his driving test, and the irony is this situation could have happened at any time.

 Cameron was one very very lucky man, He spent over 12 months in hospital, two years in therapy and rehab and then he decided it was time to start driving again.

The trauma alone would have been horrific, see, no one ever hops into a car to crash, but drivers crash every day

We have having more crashes per person, per kilmetre travelled, than ever before, what has changed, is the cars are safer, the roads are better, we are surviving crashes that previously would have killed

But physically, mentally an emotionally, people carry the scars forever.

That is where we fit in.

Our students always tell us that what we teach and how we teach is so fundamentally different.

Their situational awareness is so great in comparison, they exercise controlled actions, not uncontrolled over actions, which means they are in control of what they create as a driver.

That is the difference, they are not reactive they are proactive.

Cameron was no different, we had to start from scratch, not due to his crash and time away from the wheel, but we had to change everything about his driving, including how he would assess the environment, before he even got to his car.

With each step of the program, the techniques and knowledge were coming together. The driving evolving.

Cameron has been a great supporter of our program, we changed every aspect of his driving as we introduced the ART of DRIVING.

Not seeing an intersection and also a bus, shows the fundamental failings in how quick cheap driving lessons brought Cameron and nearly his life unstuck.

He has been driving for years since, no crashes, no near misses and the confidence in him as he excels is inspiring.

Did you know, 70% of the people in Young Care are under 25 and there through road trauma?

The ART of DRIVING is not a cost, it is an investment, Cameron was lucky, lucky to survive, lucky to live a full life.

But if you asked him or his mother, was the saving of a few hundred dollars on cheap driving lessons, worth the pain, suffering, years of rehabilitation, stress and the risk of nearly losing life itself?

When you look at driver development that way, it makes all the difference in how and what you choose in the pursuit of the ART of DRIVING.




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