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How to build your billycart

Step 1. Read the rules: Total Driver has use the Rules for the National Billycart association, some
Races though have their own rules. There is nothing worse than failing scrutineering…

Step 2. Design: Before you even head down to your hardware store, sketch out what you want to build. Break your Billycart design down to different sections
Chassis- How long, wide and weight.

Trade Secret Tip – Make the Chassis beam longer, keeping the steering beam further behind, so it acts as a crash protection beam in event of a crash

Steering is it rope, feet or technical with a steering wheel. Make a wedge to limit steering movement to 20 degrees left and right
Wheels Are you raiding your old push bikes, scoring from the tip, or have a secret
Plan to thwart the competition.
Safety Yes, you need to think about the crash, before you have one.

Step 3. Materials: Steel, wood, Barbie Jeep, wheels, axles, nuts, bolts, (nyloc)

Step 4. We are going to assume you are making a traditional Billycart out of wood, nothing wrong with that, some of the most sought after cars were made out of wood on a steel Chassis, affectionately known as “Woodies”

With everything, all sketched out on paper, go to your local hardware store, and find the timber man, show him your design and he will organise the timber for you, and if you have gone to the right timber store, he will even cut it for you. Major time-saving tip here.

Trade secret tip – Have it all organised before you start.
Lay everything out like your schematic, chassis, steering, seating, wheels, axles

Start with your centre chassis beam, mark out your measurements and drill your location holes for the steering beam and rear axle beam
Make your steering beam, attaching wheels and axles. This includes drilling the pivot hole, that your steering will work from.
Make your rear axle beam, attaching wheels and axles.
Make your seat
Attach everything, with the steering, place a large flat washer between the steering and chassis, it will help it turn easier and stop it sticking.
Attach your steering rope, then set your seat up for the best, comfortable position. Once it all feels good, finish the job by putting your brakes on. This may be as simple as a block of wood as a lever on the wheels.
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Arrive at William st by 9.00am for Scrutineering, bring your family for all the fun in the park and “Lets go Racing”!!!