Great Road Trip ideas and how to keep your drivers licence

It is Christmas and that means time away from work, life and enjoying family and adventures. Sometimes though, those two conflict.

Especially for parents who have to help their teens complete 100 hours of driving. Now in principle, this seems like a good idea, but here are a few of the following traps that completely undermine what people call practice.

1. Practice is fine, first you must know what to practice. When your child is born, we are all obsessed with giving them the very best. From schools, education, sports and preparation for life. We choose the best coaches, the best schools, people even move to be in the right location, just so they can ensure their kids have the best.
Then it comes to driving and we throw all of that out the window. They will learning nothing positive, only poor reactive driving skills if you do the following

2. Driving the same route every time. They don’t learn how to make decisions, they don’t learn to read the road, there is so much they don’t learn as the only thing they do learn, is how to drive that one section of road.

3. Driving in the same routine, you know, like life is ground hog day, school, shops, sports, home. the car is on remote control, let alone the driver.

4. Always doing city and urban driving.

When they get their licence, you know they will be gone, so why not incorporate some adventure into their log book driving?

So here at Total Driver, we have compiled a short list of great road trip ideas, to get you and your family out of the house and enjoying some great adventures, and your learner driver some much needed and valuable experience.

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