The 100 hours and twelve months of log book experience sounds great in theory, but the execution fails miserably. The statistics are telling us, crashes are up, cost to the community is up and the reason is lack of experience. 

It is simply that they learner drivers are not learning critical skills in the ART of DRIVING. 

Total Driver has a number of programs to assist learners and parents to navigate the skills of Learning to drive

One of their challenges is that they always depend on the person sitting in the passenger seat to make decisions for them, when to turn, what directions are happening, what to watch out for. etc

The Platinum Plus program is full of extra driving experiences such as NAV RUNS. 

The purpose of the NAV RUNS are as follows. 

  1. Learn to make their own decisions as a driver 
  2. Develop situational awareness of their surroundings
  3. Put some fun and adventure into driving
  4. Explore roads and environments that they have not encountered yet, but will encounter as a licenced driver
  5. Enjoy the passion and adventure that comes with driving.

This graph shows the approach and emphasis of 100 hours of 1 hour lessons is not preparing them for their role as drivers. 

They are not learning the skills of the ART of DRIVING. 

"What i can say about Total Drive is it should be the STANDARD for driver training in this country. It may seem sometimes unorthodox to some people but the NORMAL isnt working, this is why this system does work. It teaches how to drive not just operate a car and get your hrs up like so many others, it actually saves lifes, it teaches NOT shows. Id recommend this to anyone wanting to feel safe with there kids driving". reviews James Small
Nav Runs for learner driver experience

Where did Nav Runs originate?

Car clubs, rally and driving enthusiasts have used Nav Runs for decades to socialise as a group and also develop navigation and situational awareness skills as drivers. 

We often look and rarely see. 
Navigation (Nav) Runs are all about developing these skills in a fun social environment. 

Where are Nav Runs organised and run?

Public roads, and that is the beauty of them, from quaint country towns, hinterland and rural drives, to the burbs and surrounding areas of where we live. 

It is all about  the drive, that has a destination, only now to get to the destination, the driver and passengers have to answer questions. 
The answers are based on landmarks, plaques, places of interest. 

It is a great way to learn about our history, our environment and gain an appreciation for things we don’t stop to see. 

They are on public roads, they type of roads we want and need our learner drivers to be getting experience on. 

All road rules must be followed, penalties apply for those who break them.

IT is not a speed or time trial event, it is a situational awareness event.

How do Navigation Runs operate?

There is a location, this varies depending on the run. 

After sign in and safety brief, all cars are inspected to ensure safe and Road Worthy. 

Participants are only given their Nav Sheet as they line up to start. This ensures there can be no cheating. 

Participants are guided with instructions, such as 

 CB = Cross Bridge

So = Straight on

TL = Turns Left

TR = Turn Right

Depart start control line and head N

Observe the TLs at the intersection and continue N along Riverbend Ave when safe to do so (which continues N into the old Nerang Broadbeach road) 

TL into Lakeside Dr, then immediately RT as the TLs onto the Main Nerang Broadbeach Road heading NW to Nerang

TR @ TLs onto Ross St 

Even yours truly enjoys the comradery and adventure that each new Nav Run Brings.

They are great experience for all drivers, but especially for learners. It makes them think, to anticipate the road ahead and look for all options. 

It teaches them situational awareness and good communication as they work with their supervising driver to solve puzzles, interpret directions and navigate through their evolving surroundings. 

We always say, it is driving, to a destination, with a purpose. We all do it as licenced drivers, but we never take the time to instil it in Learner drivers, and they are the ones who need it most. 

Nav Runs are a great way to bring all this together and create a bond and adventure around their driving, getting their hours up, that benefits the purpose of the Log Book system of 100 hours and twelve months

We are simply putting experience into the mix

Graduates of Total Driver have a 400% reduction in accidents over the first 3 years of obtaining their license, in comparison to the national average*.

The question we ask all supervisors:

“Will you bet your child’s life you have the skills to teach the art of driving?”