Mahindra Adventures are on again! We are going to the Pinnacles in Western Australia!!

A three day safari encompassing all dynamics of off road driving, driving on sand, and camping at Hawkes Nest – No Bitumen allowed!!

Day 1. 

12.00am Meet at Reflections, Jimmy’s Beach. After checking in and setting up camp, we will start our adventure driving various terrains and learning about the capabilities and controls.

Day 2. Adventure driving on Bennets Beach and Munga Beach with late afternoon colours and photographs


Day 3.

Explore the Myall Lakes National Park.

After a late lunch, road trip to Sydney

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Places are limited to 20 vehicles. Please add your contact details below to apply. Approved applicants will be sent a registration page as soon as we open this up.

Mahindra - Hawkes Nest Bay (#29)

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