Managing the ever-changing environment. Driver fatigue and driver management

  1. Managing the ever-changing environment. Driver fatigue and Driver management

All roads present different challenges. From suburban and high-density driving to motorways and multiple lanes, with no driver planning, being prepared, or demonstrating situational awareness.

managing the ever changing environmentThen there is the outback, the rural, the dual lane, multilane, single-lane options and then we have road surfaces, concrete, bitumen, dirt and gravel to bulldust ( not what people speak, that is bullcrap.. 🙂  )

Driving on a rutted outback road, with corrugations that will give you a need for back surgery, will cause fatigue, both physical from the constant jarring to the brain fog of there is so much going on. Just like being stuck in a car for a 10 hour drive with a warring spouse, there is not a great deal pleasant here.

So what can I do?

Gee I love it when you ask all the cool questions!!.

  1. If the road is rough, slow down, take regular breaks and use them as the opportunity to stretch out the body and move around.
  2. Slow down, seriously, it is not a race, there is no prize money and no TV coverage.
  3. If the road is as rough as home brand toilet paper, try lowering your tyre pressures, see the sidewall flex is actually calculated into the suspension design of bump and rebound of the shock absorbers and spring rates. This is why low profile tyres make a car ride so harsh. Lowering the tyre pressure makes the tyre more compliant and the ride more comfortable
  4. Wind up the windows and reduce external noise. Yes, that roaring wind makes a difference.
  5. Relax the hands – use a gentle pressure between your hands and the steering wheel. Reduced tension = reduced adrenalin = reduced fatigue.
  6. Eyes up, look at the beautiful big picture, take in your surroundings, take in the moment to really appreciate the adventure of getting away.
  7. Drink lots of water, no soft drinks, milk or especially energy drinks, (sugar rush = body crash)
  8. Only eat fruit, no sugar, no sweets and no fatty foods that are hard to process (guess that means no sponsorship from KFC L )
  9. Entertain each other, communication is a lost art, turn of the tech, open the brains, engage the mouth. Make sure to put brain in gear first ( J )

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