Move Your body tips for reducing driver fatigue

Move your body active.

Remember all the issues from deep vein thrombosis, well the same can happen when you are driving for extended periods. Movement causes the blood to be pumped around, Blood carries oxygen and oxygen is where our energy and ability to concentrate come from.

Move your body whilst driving

Stretch, do some abs, Crunches in your seat as your drive by just flexing your stomach muscles,

Flex your feet, stretch your legs. Get our of the car and even have a walk around in some of our amazing rest stops.

See part of what is happening is that you need to re oxygenate your blood. This is especially activated when doing exercise.

Reducing driver fatigue, stopping, enjoying fresh air and lets get physical.

So stretch, do some walking, running on the spot, or get your Yoga on with a dirty dog. sorry, Downward dog.

Use the break and exercise as the opportunity to inspect your vehicle.

Have a look at tyre pressures, do you have luggage?

Is everything still on the roof rack?

Are you towing a load?

take the time to walk around your car and even use the car as a base to do some stretches and exercises to get the blood flowing and oxygen pumping.

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