Total Driver is certified by NDIS and VOSS. With revolutionary driving techniques and specially adapted vehicles help people back onto the road and give back their mobility, and for many, confidence.

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We provide simple and effective tools to release the Total Driver in every person.

About Total Driver

Total Driver is certified by NDIS. With revolutionary driving techniques and specially adapted vehicles help people back onto the road and give back their mobility, and for many, confidence.

One-Stop Solution

Total Driver offers a one stop solution for all of your client needs. We offer vehicles with a range of accessories that can be adapted to suit the individuals physical or learning requirements. Additionally, our approach is unique, structured and supported with a variety of learning methods, support materials and transparency with live assessments at each step.

Disability and Rehabilitative Driving

Total Driver have a specialist vehicle that can be adapted to suit any physical requirement. With a range of satellite, Bluetooth and mechanical controls, we can not only assist Occupational Therapists with trailing various systems to find the best suite before purchases are made, we can also assist with practice and experience to ensure they are prepared fully as drivers.

Extensive Training

Our disability rehabilitation driving training staff have extensive knowledge on what it takes to retrain, educate and develop the skills necessary to assist you and your clients to drive.

From hand steering operations to thumb controls and wheelchair assists and additional pedal controls, we have the technology in car to help most back into driving.

Spectrum Disorders (ASD, Aspergers, Tourets, ADHD) & Mental Health Conditions

The Total Driver learning system greatly supports those with mental health challenges. From suffers of Anxiety to PTSD and the full range of the ASD spectrum. Our Difference – A program that is not based on just driving around for an hour.

Fully Accredited

We are fully accredited to provide training in this highly specialised driver training field. Our disability & rehabilitation driving programmes are revolutionary and proprietary. With all the necessary certificates and registrations, our specialist training instructors have combined experience of well over 65 years.

Our disability & rehabilitation driving programmes are revolutionary and proprietary.


Total Driver’s unique Driver Delivery System defines the learning process. Practice is fine, but first you must know what to practice. This not only defines lesson performance, it also qualifies practice.

Proven through research the Total Driver Program actively changes driver behaviour through a range of techniques, knowledge, apps and skills. The result is a calmer, more prepared driver. The Program has been trailed with a range of special needs students with outstanding results. All students have passed their drivers test and none have had an accident in three years post license driving.

Complete approach to driving including

Our Solution

The Total Driver Program provides the solution, as we structure the learning to drive process, providing simple tools that accelerate the students learning thus providing greater outcomes, higher proficiency-reducing time and costs. In addition, we provide the supervised drivers with tools, mentoring and manuals that makes getting the hours and experience easy for everyone, no stress, no anxiety and no yelling. Our programs are specifically structured to assist students in obtaining their learners license, passing their provisional test and creating safer confident drivers.

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Our driving programs include our mentoring programs, and live assessments giving all the information that you need. 

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Genuine Support

No other driving school can support you with such transparency and authenticity. Our program is being researched by Griffith University under Prof Ian Glendon who stated “no one else is doing this, a very rare example of building an example of training evaluation into intervention”.

Dr Andrew Petersen who researched the core technique our program utilises, said the following: “participants between the control and non-control groups showed clear behaviour changes from reactive to proactive. This means they can see the risk, they can actively remove themselves from the risk, creating reduced risk and safer driving outcomes. This is what will lower their accident and fatality rates”

Graduates of Total Driver have a 400% reduction in accidents over the first 3 years of obtaining their license, in comparison to the national average*.

The question we ask all supervisors:

“Will you bet your child’s life you have the skills to teach the art of driving?”