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NDIS Driver Training The ART of DRIVING. This month’s hero driver- MJ. Gene Corbett Total Driver Australia took Mallory from full hand controls to no controls providing independence and life choices.

Read More to learn of her adventure in the ART of Driving with the NDIS scheme

There is so much more to driving than just getting from A – B. For some people it is more about their personal journey than just the act of driving, it opens doors, breaks down boundaries and provides adventure and independence that can often be taken for granted

In the process,  there are outstanding achievements that they themselves would not have believed possible.

MJ is one such person.

On our first assessment with MJ, her Driver Trained Occupational Therapist was focused on trialing a range of hand controls so Mallory could get back to driving.

However, watching MJ making her way to the car, I wanted to give her the opportunity to drive without needing specialist hand controls. This would give her independence, freedom to choose her vehicle, based on what suited her, not what she had to have, and most importantly, above all, the chance to drive, to live and experience, without having to be reminded of the physical challenges she conquers every day. See that is what driving is all about.

See, we each have our own challenges in life, some, much more than others. For MJ it means mobility is difficult, using a zimmer frame decades before her time.

After much discussion, Mallory’s drive, strong personality, and determination won and our next drive together was focused on Total Driver techniques, aimed at reducing the physical effort, increasing the control and most importantly, letting the car do the work. Her first drive without hand controls.

Just to add to the challenge, Mallory was having an off day as well.

The drive, was amazing. For everything she achieved, we kept digging deeper and achieving more.

With each drive, her confidence in driving grew, her skills improved and her driving was nothing short of inspirational. I have never seen anyone enjoy emergency braking techniques as much as Mallory, but it was contagious, and we built activities into each drive together.

The ART of DRIVING is a key difference in how Gene Corbett – Total Driver Australia approaches driver development. It has to be fun, enjoyable, the Driver is in control and learns the full meaning of this.

It is much more than just the basics of driving, following rules, keeping between the lines, we all know what is expected of us as Drivers.

It is also about being prepared for any situation. So we also practice braking, brake and changes in direction and a host of other skills, so as drivers, we learn to “Buy Time” this means we can see, and that is what changes the driver behaviour for the positive

There is a reason why we love working at Total Driver and Mallory not only embodies this, but provides it in a concentrated source that leaves all that share her company on a high.

Part of our program is independence and adventure, so when asked where she would like to drive, the response of somewhere steep and hilly was greeted with “Lets do Mount Tamborine!”

Not only did she conquer the mountain, we also returned via Henry Roberts drive. For those that don’t know, it is one of the most notorious mountain roads in the hinterland and has a reputation for bringing drivers undone.

On her driving assessment with her Driver Trained Occupational therapist, the transformation in Mallory’s driving was such that Jenny spent the entire time writing her report to give clearance for Mallory’s open licence to be resumed. Now that is confidence with a capital C.

Mallory’s story is inspirational to everyone, it is more than just the success of great driving, independence gained and adventure in each drive.

It is about conquering the adversity that life throws at each of us every day, some get a teaspoon, for some it is supplied in quantum proportions, but to get up and face life head on, to tackle it with gutso and rise to each occasion, better and stronger, to whip its butt and live your life, your way. That is what it is all about.

From all of us at Total Driver, we wish you the very best, your future is bright, positive and inspirational to all those who will share your company.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey in driving.

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