Why do you need the Total Driver Complete Learn to Drive online program?

The primary objective of most driving schools is to prepare the student for passing the License test i.e. the art of driving is not a consideration. This is the key difference between Total Driver and all other driving schools. For us, it is about the Total Driver everyone can be. Crashes should not happen, period.


The catch is, they taught themselves how to drive as well. The industry standard, their qualification, does not rely on a background in Driver training or experience in the industry. IT is simply a course in the industry, the rules around the driving test, and they are told they will learn the rest as they go.

They are being taught everything except “The ART of DRIVING”.


Complete Learn to Drive Online program


Learn The Art of Driving and Reduce Accidents by 400%. Graduates of Total Driver have a 400% reduction in accidents over the first 3 years of obtaining their license, in comparison to the national average*.


It is often stated that driving is the most complex thing you will ever undertake and the reasons are straightforward. It is a constant process of decision making, consequences for each decision you do or don’t make


It encompasses everything we know about technology, physics, biodynamics, emotional and attitudinal psychology.

Preparing you, to prepare them!

Most parents are faced with the challenge of 100 hours of supervised driving, the lack of confidence that a driving school is any better than their own abilities, and do not perceive that a driving school is the solution to their problem. We get it – it’s a huge cost, with little benefit. 


Our Online Learning to Drive Program was designed to address these problems, and guide you through this journey. We are there at every step, to support, prepare and provide you with information and tools so you are equipped to lead your teen through this adventure. No fights, arguments or yelling!

Ebooks, learning guides, videos, step-by-step sessions content, and support

What to practice

When to practice,

Where to practice

How much practice is required

If it was easy, you would not need us

Understanding the W’s?

Why they don’t listen

Where the emotion stems from and how to manage this.

Why do they look and don’t see

Why do they always do the exact opposite of what they need to do

We are going to break down each and every step. Removing the risk and emotion as we build this process we call the ART of DRIVING.

Most importantly, we are going to make driving fun again. Getting their 100 hours of logbook driving will become an adventure for the entire family. I have designed the program to open the highways of freedom and bring you all together. These are included in the program.

Automatic Entry into our Drivers Club, where you get hands-on advice and support as I guide and support you in this role.

So how does a parent understand the value of what is or is not being taught? Where is the value in driving lessons, apart from an exchange of cash for hours?

The industry’s own statistics show absolute failure, a 3000% increase in crashes the DAY they get their Drivers licence.

This simply shows the approach and emphasis of teaching the rules to pass the driving test, is not preparing them as a driver.


They are simply being taught everything except the ART of DRIVING, which is why they are not prepared as a driver

How many industries can you name where training is conducted by people without formal qualifications? The answer is None!

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Enroll now to our Online Learn to Drive Program, all 10 lessons all online.

Behind Total Driver

The Total Driver program made it into the top 20 tech startups in 2015 for Australasia in 2015 Wayne Gardner former 500GP champion quoted “Total Driver has achieved what the entire auto industry was trying to achieve with Driver Training”

A/Prof Ian Glendon quoted “There are no comparable programs globally”  (Total Driver provided Griffith University with a sample of 1000 students and recorded only one crash in three years, against the industry average where 1/3rd will crash in their first three months of Driving.


Dr Andrew Pedersen Thesis showed “A clear Change In driver behaviour, from Reactive to Proactive.


Read what our customers testimonials to see what they have to say. 

What you get


By signing up for the online program, you are getting me, helping, mentoring, and training you, to prepare your teen as a driver. In the ART of DRIVING. It is important to know that you are not getting rehashed road rules, old videos on how to stop at a stop sign, or do a reverse park.


You are, however, getting my passion, my knowledge, and years of experience from some of the most astounding people I have had the opportunity to work with, learn from and grow around.

Graduates of Total Driver have a 400% reduction in accidents over the first 3 years of obtaining their license, in comparison to the national average*.

The question we ask all supervisors:

“Will you bet your child’s life you have the skills to teach the art of driving?”