Planning your 4×4 roadtrip beach driving adventure

I am taking a group over to Fraser Island for a week long adventure. It then struck me that this would be the perfect opportunity to invite you along for the ride and show how a trip away is planned, weight is factored in at each step, contingencies are thought through and the preparation and detail that is addressed. 

Venue – This defines everything, it is the epicentre of your adventure and Fraser, is a really big Island. After having done the usual places, Happy Vally, Eurong etc, it was time to go North. 

We secured this awesome place at Orchid Beach.  Everything will now come together around the venue. 

Ten days out. 

Venue is decided, it shelters us from weather, provides warm beds and hot showers. With ten people attending, it makes for cheap comforts of home at only $100/ week per person. weather you camp, or get accommodation, there is always a budget. Most campsites start at $20 per night. 

Tides and weather.

I always like to aim that low tide is in the middle of the day, that way the pressure is off and you can really enjoy your beach drive. With this trip though, we set the date and then jumped in with both feet. 

First we confirmed the weather and whilst not ideal, it will do nicely, lets pray for sunshine galore. 

Then we checked the tides Low tide is at 7.15, which is awesome, High tide is at 2.30pm, which is good, but, we have to be careful, as I do not want to take everyone through Nygalia Rocks at high tide!!

The reason for this is ideally you want to the tide to be going out as you leave for your days adventure, and be back, at the end of the day, before the tide is too high, that way you do not risk getting caught with no beach, or soft sand when trying to get back. 

Our entire trip is now dictated by the tides, so we will leave on Thursday evening, a rendeavous set at Noosa. This takes all the pressure of Friday, we are not getting up at 3am, to drive for hours before we even get to the barge. Staying a night in Noosa, simply ads to the adventure of it all, provides a low pressure meeting place and everyone can take their time getting there. 

Meeting at the Tewantin Ferry, @ 6.00am our plan is to drive to Rainbow bay via Cooloola Island and Double Island Point. 

Tide will be low, so the beach like a highway. Our goal is to manage the rocks at Rainbow Beach at 7 and be at the Inskip barge by 7.15.

Each day, the tides move by 45min. So High tide becomes 3.15 and low tide becomes 8am This makes the week away a bit challenging to manage as each day, the high tide is later, when we want to be getting back. It is user-friendly for our travels and adventures in the mornings, but a bit risky in the late afternoon. Simples…….

Permits, barge and logistics. 

Now there are many ways we could have made this simpler, but that is not the point, it is an adventure and trip from one end to the next. This is why we are getting to Inskip via Cooloola Island and not driving to Gympie (also saves 1 hour of travel time…) 

You will need to organise your beach permit from QPWS The barge at Fraser, you can pay on, there are no bookings and it runs constantly from 6am. 

The ferry at Tewantin, just line up and go. Although the council has near doubled the price in the last few months, it is still only $10. and a great blast for the kids. 

Your itenary

Everything from rods, bait and fishing, to board games, music and entertainment needs to be thought through here, planned and packed for

Even meals, whilst our plan is to fish and assume our Alpha male status to impress the ladies and cook our catch each night, a contingency plan is also organised, as you know, things can happen and our talent could run out……

So a list is made up, who is coming, what are people bringing, what am I supplying, meals we anticipate cooking etc. etc. 

To do this, I organise names in two columns, to identify singles and partners. 

Then food, Breakfast, lunch and dinner. ideally, lunch is on the run and leftovers from dinner. 

There is a contingency column, for things like extra air beds, just in case we are short for what ever reason, this also means linen and spare pillows. Easily organised if you pack early and let your passengers use them whilst you drive. 


Games / Entertainment

Recovery Equipment

Just in Case Equipment

Special note with food.

Buy fresh from the markets, do not buy pre-packaged, especially salads and greens, they will not survive more than a day or two. 

Fresh food from the markets will still be fresh when you go to leave, if you did not eat it all

How to know when you have planned your food diary well? There is nothing left to bring home, that is the goal. Rations for the last day is a great way to plan

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