Platinum Driver Program

This is the comprehensive approach to learning to drive.

Commencing with the Development Program, the next step is what we call Driver Development. It is much more than a basic Defensive Driving course.

This is where the program comes into its own, the “Development Program” puts all the key elements in place and makes them “muscle memory”.

In a controlled environment, we can expand these skills, with advanced techniques in vision, hand eye co ordination, braking and include braking and direction change, braking on varying surfaces.

We teach the drivers how to “feel” the car, to understand what the car is communicating back about how the road is changing, how the grip is varying so they can adjust the car and their driving, whilst they have “time”

We then take them back onto the roads and show them how to apply this knowledge and skill, so they are even more prepared as drivers, for all the variables that come with driving.