Rated recovery points and accessories.

First things first, you require rated safety equipment. this is not only things like snatch straps, rated shackles, and a host of other specially designed accessories to keep you safe, it also includes rated pick up points.

The little round tabs of metal you see welded to the chassis rail are Tie Down Points. These should never be used as recovery points as if and when the welds let go (break) it all becomes a missile, generally aimed straight at the recovery vehicle. This is how people die.

The problem with recovering any vehicle is the resistance it encountered to get stuck in the first place. This has to be overcome and the forces required can be staggering. it is why snatch straps for example are rated at 9 tonne, when the vehicle itself weighs in at only 2.5. and Snatch Straps still break.

Rated recovery points are designed to spread these loads through the vehicle and are specifically designed and engineered not to break. Do not recover a vehicle without these points.


Rear recovery equipmentThese are fantastic bits of kit that fit straight into your Towbar mount. Using the tow bar much the same as front recovery brackets.

You can, if you do not have one, just use the pin to secure the strap as we demonstrated, however with a lot of load, the pins can bend and you cannot remove them. Fix one problem, create another.

Always use a rated shackle as part of the recovery, remember to loosen the screw half a turn so it does not tighten during the recovery, and then you cannot undo it.

Always clean your equipment before packing away and take the time to check for damage whilst you are at it.

Snatch strapsSnatch straps are bloody clever bits of gear. Think of them like a big rubber band – they stretch and store and disperse energy in a very specific way.

This does two things,

  1. It takes the hard jolt out of recovery.
  2. When you stretch the strap, it stores a lot of energy for a moment and then exerts that energy by contracting back to its original length, (hence the word SNATCH) which in a lot of cases pops the stuck vehicle free. Thing is, snatch recoveries can be dangerous if they’re not done correctly, so to make them as safe as possible, try a static snatch recovery.

Attach the strap using rated bow shackles to properly rated recovery points on each vehicle. The stuck vehicle applies its brakes while the towing vehicle then drives as far forward as possible. At the very moment the towing vehicle can’t drive any further forward, its brakes are applied and as the brake lights come on, the stuck vehicle’s brakes are released. It might take a couple of tries to get the hang of it, but it’s a whole lot safer than backing up and hitting it hard in third gear low.

Kinetic recovery ropesNext-generation Recovery straps do not require metal shackles and are infinitely safer. They are also lighter, easier to package, and transport. With weight, Workplace health, and safety obligations, etc at the forefront of today’s modern world, it is impossible to go past these kits.

Training is included as part of the purchase. Prices for these kits start at $270 for a starters kit, this includes  the 8,200kg Kinetic Rope and 2 x 9,000KG Double Braided Soft Shackles. For more information 

We love it when everything you need is in one neat package, instead of having to run around town chasing parts. Drivetech 4×4’s Mammoth Recovery Kit is a perfect example of this. Building upon their experience and reputation for the highest quality aftermarket parts that in heaps of cases are even
Tougher than genuine spares, Drivetech 4×4 has designed the Mammoth Recovery Kit to be a genuine all-in-one setup for just about any recovery. Jam one of these in the back of your 4WD and you’ll get;
  • 8,000kg, 9m long snatch strap
  • 5,000kg, 20m long winch extension strap
  • 12,000kg, 3m long tree trunk protector
  • Recovery hitch for your towbar
  • Two 4.75t bow shackles
  • 8,000kg snatch block
  • LED headlamp
  • Folding shovel
  • Folding brush saw
  • Leather gloves
  • And a tough as nails bag to store it all in    CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Supporting equipmentDon’t forget the basics to.

Shovels, spare shackles, an axe.   You are off the beaten track for a reason, so the old saying holds up, Preparation is better than desperation.


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