Road trip ideas and adventures in driving

Road trip ideas for great holidays:

The great Australian outdoors is there to be experienced
The great Australian outdoors is there to be experienced

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We often try and motivate our driving school students and incentivise their driving lessons with tales of where their driving could take them, road trips, holidays, weekend adventures and career opportunities. In fact it is always a great ice breaker when we are talking to a group of schools and their students, to enlighten their passion for where driving could take them.

Do you remember the movie “Cars” The story of lightening McQueen, on his quest for “Piston Cup glory” falling out of his transporter and finding himself in the lock up of a small, dying country town on route 66. Can’t tell I love kids movies can you…….

Well how many of you actually watched all the added features on the DVD and found the one that detailed how and why the movie was made? The story goes that this guy, one of the senior partners in Pixar, was being given the third degree by his wife on how his work ethic meant he was never home. He was missing out on his boys growing up and would never get that back.

So he thought about it and wondered, “What did his father do to bond with his family?” Then he remembered, they would go on road trips.

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