Driving Safe with the Coronavirus

Driving safe with the Coronavirus is no different to the most dangerous food to eat whilst driving, which is chocolate, as it melts in the fingers, gets on the controls, the steering wheel, and then the driver becomes distracted with the sudden sticky mess. It just gets everywhere.

It is the same with the Coronavirus or any other common cold. there are two common areas, everything that is touched by hands and fingers, and think about that next time you drive, how many controls you touch, either randomly or constantly.

To protect our cars and staff from infection of the Coronavirus, we use Agent Orange, an all-purpose cleaner that is exceptional at cleaning and disinfecting. This is kept in a multipurpose spray bottle that makes keeping clean easy. A microfiber cloth is kept in the car to be used in conjunction with agent orange, this is washed and replaced every day. There is also sanitizer, but sanitizer is simply soap with alcohol added. To combat Coronavirus infection using both products is not such a bad idea, or you can add alcohol to the Agent Orange.

You can purchase Microfibre cloths from a variety of stores, automotive and retail, from Supercheap to Spotlight. This means you can keep changing your cloths throughout the day and simply put in the washing at night, ready for use next time, no different to washing clothes.

Another risk of Coronavirus contamination comes from filling up, the pumps at the bowser are handled by a variety of people, all with origins or illness unknown. Using the same microfibre cloth creates a barrier to stop the transfer of Coronavirus germs and bacteria Alternatively, you can use paper from the service station and throw it out afterward.

Germs come from two factors, contaminates from our hands, but also from our mouth and saliva. This doesn’t even have to be visible to be a factor. But it doesn’t have to be a sneeze or a cough that can get you contaminated. Another important factor that is often overlooked is germs also come from breathing, infact we even lose weight through breathing, where do you think the energy goes?

How do we turn the Coronavirus negative into a positive? To counter this, the windows are left down a bit to create a negative pressure that creates positive airflow back outside of the car, the vents are aimed at the driver and passenger, so positive airflow, fresh from outside, blows pass the driver or passenger and out the slightly opened window. This also helps to alleviate another risk of being in such confined spaces.

This should become standard practice in your driving, Coronavirus or not.

Also, replace the pollen filter in your car’s ventilation system regularly will help prevent the transfer of the Coronavirus in the air. It will be absorbing airborne bacteria. If you are not sure how to do it, consult with your airconditioning specialist or mechanic. Coronavirus Bacteria is more than just your dashboard or steering wheel, it is in the air you breathe, so understanding how to move the airflow in a positive manner, straight out the nearest window, will help keep you and your passengers safe and virus free.

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