Why we shouldn’t leave kids and pets in cars

Since 1998 at least 464 infants and children have died in hot vehicles in the United States.

Source: Jan Null, adjunct professor of meteorology at San Francisco State University
This phenomenon -whereby the inside of a car gets really very hot, much hotter than the outside -is known as the GREENHOUSE effect.
So what happens is the suns rays are reflected inside the car and the subsequent heat is radiated throughout the car. This simply magnifies the heat.
The dash mat was invented for this exact reason. The temperatures of your dash board would shock you..

How do we get caught……?
We are not infallible, infact there is a documented history of parents, so fatigued with the pressure of raising kids, school, work, homework etc, that they go into remote control and can forget they even had their children in the car.

What to do Kids and hot cars safety tips

Get a routine happening,
1. Get your kids out of the car first, and then worry about getting the groceries, etc., out of the car when you get home
2. Always as you turn of the ignition, take out the key and actually lock the door with the key, ( you will be amazed at how many times this saves you.)
3. Get into the habit of keeping the windows down, just a fraction, hot air rises and this allows it to escape and air to circulate.
4. As you are locking your car, get into the habit of checking inside and outside. ask yourself if all is clear.
5. Always lock your car and secure the keys so that your kids can’t get to them
6. Warn your kids about playing in the car by themselves without adult supervision
6. Make sure that child car providers and day care workers have a plan to make sure that kids aren’t left in the day care providers car or van

You don’t have to be a bad parent to lock your kids in the car, just a fatigued one.
As the old tradesmans rule of thumb says, measure twice, cut once.
Look around twice, question once.


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