If you are a fan of “The Fastest Indian” with Burt Munro and love the idea of the fastest home made machinery in the country on the salt plains of Lake Gairdner, this is the adventure for you!

Instead of getting being half the fun, it is all the fun. we are a group of rally and motorsport competitors and love the adventure of the old Mobile 1 Rally, the Redex trials. 

So we don’t take the traditional roads. If you are looking for a tagalong tour, that is on the bitumen and is for motorhomes, stop reading, we have programs for you such as the Dinosaur Tour

Now we could take the easy way, it is only 25 hrs, Queensland to SA, but that is not in our spirit of adventure

Our trek is another 8 hours, through Strzelecki Track and the ranges. 

I mean it wont be easy, but you wont stop talking about it, like forever. 

The DLRA conducts its annual Speed Week at Lake Gairdner in South Australia. It’s straight line speed on “the big white dyno”, as fast as you can go on a salt lake in the remote Australian outback. There is no setting like it anywhere in the world, it is a truly unique event in a spectacular location. There is an amazing range of cars, motorcycles, and trucks dating from the turn of the century to modern day.
As you will be traveling with us, and guest of the Bullet Racing Team. This represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the action, not just a spectator. 

Our Travelling Team, Bullet Racing

We are partnering up with Bullet Racing for this adventure. The only time you will ever get to be on the Salt at Lake Gairdner!

On top of that, you will be camping and hanging out with the team on the Salt, These guys are real salt of the earth, no pun intended, and some even worked as Stunt Doubles and actors on Mad Max, back in the day!

So you can imagine the campfire stories, the company, and the shenanigans that will be happening every night. 

You will also learn about Country at our various stops, decades of people who live and breathe the history of our culture. These are stories that have to be lived and experienced. 

That is what this trip is all about. A motorsport-inspired 4WD adventure, with history, characters and money cannot buy experience. 

What vehicles are suitable on this trip?

You will need a decent 4WD, good condition and well serviced. 

A decent SUV as well, good ground clearance will suffice. 

Recovery points are a must as is a good recovery kit. 

Back up spares are essential. If you need help we can assist with this. 

We wont be breaking speed limits or driving laws. just committed driving every day

Driver Skill levels

This is a drivers event, we will be covering large distances each day, camp fire by night and camp oven cookouts just to add to the atmosphere. 

It is an event for drivers who love to get the bit between the teeth and enjoy the challenges that come with being adventurers behind the wheel.

We will provide coaching and support to all drivers who request or require it, so you do not need to be a champion, just not a Mister Magoo

The highest risk activity you will ever undertake

You will be sharing this adventure with people who have driven professionally for years, that in itself is an experience

Camp fire talks around stories of how good we once were, funny things that happened throughout our careers and what we have learned along the way. 

About the event

Speed week is four and a half days of racing. From Monday through to Friday around noon.
Racing should start around 8.00am and run till 6.00pm with a lunch hour around 12.30pm.
Any vehicle can run at any time on any day, there is no list or schedule. And there are no special days for cars or motorcycles.

Vehicles that have qualified to break a record will usually be the first to run in the morning.

We hope you enjoy your time at Speed Week and if you have any questions or require assistance, find the Registration Van in the middle of the pits and ask the people there.

Our Itinerary 23rd Feb – 6th March

Leaving with the team;  Wed 23rd Feb we begin a three-day trek towards Broken Hill. Here we separate and visit the Mad Max Museum in Silverton. 

Taking and making our own way North to through the Sturt National Park to the infamous strzelecki track. 

From here we make our way down through South Australia to Lake Gairdner, and join the team again, who have had to do all the chores of scrutineering, cleaning, preparation etc. 

Monday to Wednesday is Salt Racing to its core. 

Leaving Thursday we make our way back, via the Strzelecki track, Innamincka track and the three corners. 

If you love driving, this is the trip for you, a once in a lifetime experience, to Australia’s version of the Bonneville salt flat. 


Spectators will pay an entry fee at the gate at the entrance to the lake. Whilst within the event area, spectators are under the control of DLRA officials and volunteers and will comply with their directions. Failure to comply will result in explusion from the event area.
There will be special areas assigned for spectating whilst the vehicles are racing. Included with your Lake Entry will be a program, in the program will be maps showing track layout and spectator areas, please take the time to read this and note where you can spectate from.
The pits will be open for you to enjoy during race times, but for security reasons will be closed to spectators at all other times.

You can purchase a lake entry passes at the entrance to the salt. It doesn’t matter if your there for a day or a week the cost is the same, the fee is per person, you can pre-pay for this on our Online Booking system.



You have 3 options;

  1. Mt. Ive homestead has a number of limited rooms, and most of this is booked from one year to the next. There are some shearers rooms available with dormitory style sleeping, but be quick and book ASAP. There is also a camping area at the homestead, tents and caravans are welcome, but you are in the outback so be prepared. Power, water (drinking), food and fuel, you have to be self sufficient, there is some power and showers. The homestead is some 18 km’s from the lake. For bookings, contact Mt. Ive homestead direct.
  2. The DLRA camp is where competitors and their teams and regular visitors have purchased beds in semi-permenant structures. For Spectators there are plenty of un-powered sites, with toilets and showers available . The camp is about 6 km’s from the lake. Camping fees can be paid online, at the registration van in the pits or at the lake entry vehicle check point at lake during Speed Week, once paid you will collect your wrist band which must be worn at all times.
  3. The Mt. Ive camp; located behind the canteen and very close to the lake. All persons intending to use the bush camp at Lake Gairdner are required to take Porta Potties for personal use – human waste is not to be left in the bush. No camp fires are permitted to be lit near the bush or trees surrounding the bush camp. To stay here you really need to be self sufficent. Run by Mt. Ive Homestead, no bookings required, pay at the canteen.

NOTE: There is strictly no camping upon the Lake itself.

There is a canteen on the edge of the lake operating for the week of the event only, you can buy cold drinks, beer, ice and all your meals there if you wish. They sell cooked breakfast, lunch and dinners, sandwiches etc.. Prices are very reasonable and the dinners very generous.


Accommodation in PORT AUGUSTA

There are a number of caravan parks and motels in Port Augusta. The DLRA recommends the Big 4 Caravan Park, Cnr Highway One & Stokes Terrace, Port Augusta. In recognition of DLRA members support over the years the Big 4 offers all racers and spectators a special 15% discount for all bookings for this year and no cancellation fee will apply should the need arise. Please do not book on-line as the discount is only available dealing directly with our staff in reception. All you need to say is that you are part of the Lake Gardiner Salt Lakers and they will add the discount to your booking.

Port  Augusta Big4 Holiday Park Ph 08 8642 2974


Select to view full size Accomodation in Kimba

For those people coming from the West of Australia the DLRA recommends the Kimba Gateway Hotel40 High Street Kimba, Postal: PO Box 42, Kimba SA 5641, Phone: (08) 8627 2888 Fax: (08) 8627 2310, Web: www.kimbahotel.com.au
They are also very happy to offer discounts for groups or singles for accommodation – you just need to mention that they are with the Dry Lakes group.
Kimba is just 120 kilometres, but about 4 hours drive to the lake.

Graduates of Total Driver have a 400% reduction in accidents over the first 3 years of obtaining their license, in comparison to the national average*.

The question we ask all supervisors:

“Will you bet your child’s life you have the skills to teach the art of driving?”