Learn to Drive the rightway from the beginning

Your finally ready to start the Learn to Drive Journey. We remember learning to drive, we know that you are probably more socially responsible than we were (don’t tell your parents) so why does it go so wrong?

Why are your peers so over-represented in accidents and fatalities? After all, we are all taught to learn to drive by finding our own way. Or is this what gets us in so much trouble as licenced drivers.

It is not that your irresponsible, it is not that you are not paying attention, it is everything that you are not being told, that is what causes the issues. Quite simply, if it was possible to learn to drive our own way, there would not be all the carnage on our roads, as your parents and all other drivers, learnt to drive their own way.

This is where TD is your best instructor. We not only guide you, we support your parents to practice with you (no yelling, always a good idea). Our boss, Gene Corbett, spent years working with specialist teams of instructors with all the big manufacturers. We have the experience.

He even worked with Mercedes Benz as part of their F1 program and had his own V8 Supercar School

There is not much he hasn’t done. His team (us) we are all hand picked, personally trained and we love what we do. Most of all, we know it is more than just passing the test, it is about driving, the skills, the techniques, the adventure, the fun. That is our job, to make driving fun and you into the best driver you can be. Anyone can pass the test, it is about what happens next.

Just as a football teams success is defined by the caliber of their coach, so is your driving. So when it came to your passions, sports, dance, arts or education, just as you sought out those that are the best in their fields, that is how you chose a driving coach.

It is not about price, you will see every driving school with a website, promoting price, giveaways and discounts, but, at the end of the day, the statistics tell the real truth.

It is about being prepared as a driver.

1 in 3 WILL crash in their first 6 months.

For your family, they can never replace you, there is no greater pain. So it is about being prepared, better, Safer. You have never skimped on education until now, never compromised on your passions, your pursuits, yet driving is the highest risk activity you will ever undertake, it kills more than depression and suicide.


Features Total Driver Program Typical Driving School
High quality lessons with the best trained instructors, not just driving around for an hourIndividual Lessons, online booking, phone support, choose your driving time and pickup location
Sadly this 4 days theory course is all is needed to be able to drive your child around, NO practical or demonstrated industry experience, NO supervision, NO real difference from the average mum and dad. What are you really paying for when you buy a driving lesson. Instructors passed 4 day industry licence
Only Total Driver has a driver instructor program that involves 3 months of intensive training and an additional three months field experience for all their master trainers, ALL the other schools have just 4 days theory, NO PRACTICAL REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE.Instructors passed 3 month intensive master training program
For a demographic where 1/3 will crash in their first six months, a random sample of TotalDriver 1000 students, only one recorded serious accident occured in three years. Research conducted by Griffith University. What do you get when your paying for driving lessons.4X less likely to crash
Most of our master certified instructors have many years experience in driver training and in other fields like bike, heavy vehicle, tactical and defence. Highly qualified instructors are drawn to us and our programs. Instructors have 5 year minimum driver training experience or under the guidance of someone who has
Dr Andrew Petersen research showed a change in driver behavior that reduced the accident risk post licence. Can your driving school to that.Structured programs proven by Science to Reduce Accidents
Transparency on lesson performance, supporting parents to prepare their child We create a three way partnership between student, the parent and our Certified Master Trainers.Technology focused content delivery with 24/7 Access to Online Assessments
You have 100 hours of Supervised Driving, who supports you, to prepare them?Parents Mentoring Program
its about more than just passing the driving test, TD Offer a range of additional training like Defensive driving, Proactive Driving, and advanced techniques in controlled environments. Emergency procedures, 4x4 training, performance car driving, tactical and defencive drivingDriver Development Programs
Not just learning to pass the test like the others but when our system is followed you WILL pass your test (see our guarantee).Test Ready Programs
When it is time to get back on the road and back up to speed, we have fully equiped vehicles ready to handle every posible person and physical challenge to get more people safely on the roadAbility to service physically disabled and Rehab students
Dr Andrew Petersen has researched the core techniques behind our programs and found a change in driver behaviour from Reactive to Proactive. "Driver Training and Driver Performance"NASA and US Navy originally validated this method and our research stems from this
Industry standard is a 4 day course that focus on business operations, Our TD Master trainers are trained over 6 months with a certifed TD trainer.Intensive training for our instructor
young learner driver after car crash

Its NOT Your Fault

The statistics simply show that just passing the driving test is the beginning, not the end of your learning. It is what you are not being told that is creating the risk in your driving

Student changing tyre on school programs Greenlight, SLAM and SAFE

We Know Driving

Our instructors are much more than just driver trainers, Managing Director Gene Corbett’s career in Driver Development took him all the way to F1 with Mercedes Benz

All Driving Schools Are Not The Same

Apps that support you. What did you learn? How much practice is required? How do you know what to practice? How do your parents know how to support you?

I Want To Feel Prepared.

If Learn to drive was easy, you would not need us. Our Mentoring program, gives you the information no one will. We support you, as we prepare them.