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More than just driving lessons, it is about learning the skill of driving

It is easy to pass the driving test. It is what happens next that is the issue. A 3000% spike in post licence accidents show they are not being prepared as a driver.

Australia’s only Certified Master Coaches

Not just anyone becomes a Total Driver Coach, Our process in grueling and our team are amongst the worlds best.

Not only do Total Driver instructors have extensive qualifications, their fields of expertise include automotive technicians, engineers, Army tactical driving, stunt and movie drivers, driver trainers and motorsport competitors. All instructors have formal qualifications including Certificate IV Workplace Assessment and Training. Not just anyone becomes a Total Driver Certified Master Driver Coach


We don't do average, no industry standard of a generic course or a rules based focus. We understand driving, our passion is your best outcome

Remember when we started driving, the cars so bad, they scared us into slowing down, the roads open, the adventure fun, Australia was a very different place then. Now it is the opposite, the roads are congested, other drivers lack empathy and understanding, the cars so good, they isolate the driver from all the important information until it is to late.

This is what driver training actually is.

Understanding of how we process

Threats and Hazard information Techniques in Postural stability to control Tension and Adrenalin

Our No.1 enemy as a driver Education of human idoscyncrasis

Why we look and don't see

How we cannot process speed; Can your driving school offer this level of preparation

There is so much more to know. So, who prepares you, to prepare them?


It is so much more than just passing the driving test.

The industry standard is defined as the Default, “What happens if we don’t do anything” So the test is the benchmark and the student, the consumer, aspires to pass the test, Driving test success = Freedom

The industry (driving instructors) aligns itself to the client, the objective, passing the driving test. Their messaging is all about price and time and getting your licenses, as they simply do not understand what driving really is.


Proverb: You cannot learn to ride a bike by reading a book

Every driving school instructor gives it their best, that is not the issue. The issues are their backgrounds, their experience. Driving is still one of the few subjects we actually teach ourselves, so everyone believes they are right, they are doing a great job, but if as drivers, if we criticise those we share the roads with, then what separates driving instructors from you? The standard is defined as passing the driving test. The student passes the test, then their accident rate spikes 3000%. This simply shows the approach and emphasis of ‘passing the driving test’, is misplaced to do with the outcome. They were not prepared as a driver in real world driving conditions. So why do the Government state driver training and advanced driving programs do not work? Quite simply, if the industry thinks it is about passing the test, and the post licence industry thinks it is about controlling loss of control, no one is still defining driver training, why they look and don’t see, why they always make the opposite decision to the ones that are actually required. So, are the kids failing the system, or is the system failing our kids?

Why is your answer Total Driver?

We understand that Driver Development is a combination of all of these elements, supported with a whole of community approach with school education programs aimed at addressing their Emotional, Attitudinal and Psycholigical development as drivers.

A shortcut is the longest possible distance between two given points

Structured Schools Programs

Programs developed over 15 years

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Structured Programs

Programs that shows a change in driver behavior that reduces their accidents risk post license.

Lesson Reports

What to practice, how much practice is required

Transparency & Measured Outcomes

Not just driving around for an hour, but an accountable program for instructors and students

Aged Driver Assessments

Get away and learn how to use your 4X4, fun family adventure

Parents Mentoring, INCLUDED FREE

if it was easy, you would not need us, we guide you, as we prepare them

Master Certified Instructors

Our Driving Instructor Training program TLI41216, is industry best practice. Our team commit over 300 hours of training to be the best

Proven Through Research

A/Prof Ian Glendon – No other programs are comparable globally- A very rare example of building an example of training evaluation into an intervention program”

Much more than just a Driving School

We provide simple and effective tools to become not just a good driver, but to have the resourses and skills to drive.

Online Progress Reports


Students and Parents can access the latest student progress reports through our app on any device.

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A three way partnership, that supports you, as we prepare them, with tools and resources to guide you through the log book hours and time

The legislation states you must complete 100 hours of supervised driving, yet who prepares you? So much has changed since we got our drivers licence, yet know your find yourself thrust into this role to teach your kids how to drive.

Every year, the Police and authorities role out their scripts on people just not paying attention, they are not adhering to the fatal five, Speeding, Seatbelts, Fatigue, Distraction, Drugs and alcohol. Yet Fatigue related accidents are up 80%.

Rules do not keep drivers alive. That is what the statistics are showing. At some point, we have to actually teach them how to drive.

So – Who prepares you, to prepare them?

That is why the Total Driver program mentors you, in your role as a supervised driver, for free, to achieve a better safer driver