Ten top tips How to Manage Driver Fatigue

Fatal Five – Driver Fatigue

Ten top tips How to Manage Driver Fatigue

Driver Fatigue is listed as one of the fatal five (which is actually 7) As we constantly state, no one person hops into a car to crash, yet we do it with monotonous regularity.

The fatal five (okay, 7) are really just symptoms of people who have not mastered the Art of Driving. Simply put, bad techniques, bad habits and bad mindset is what creates the risk, everything from then on, is simply a symptom if increased risk.

In this article, Driver Fatigue Ten top tips How to manage, you will learn we can reduce our driver fatigue levels by over 30% with a few techniques. More importantly, we will learn some good indicators of fatigue so we can stop, before it stops us.

Did you know driver fatigue is up by over 90% in the last five years. Indeed the Road Toll in Queensland alone has doubled since the same time last year.  In fact the road toll has doubled compared to the same time next year.  How low speed limits increases risk

“Autonomous vehicles promise benefits in lives saved on the road, congestion in cities, and time spent on commutes. But if you’re hoping that, 5 years from now, you will be able to nap while your self-driving car takes you to work, you’ll likely be disappointed, don’t worry, despite all the humbug it is still at least 25 years away..

The challenge for Autonomous technology and lawmakers is that Fatigue is also really described as monotony in driving. And when traveling in an autonomous vehicle the driver is always in control and responsible, regardless of the level of automation.

They have the same problem in the airline industry with Pilots. Everything is great until something goes wrong and it is the time taken for the Pilot to “Switch On” that is the difference between an incident and a crash.

Learn More about psychology and driving with autonomous vehicles.

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Driver Fatigue how to manage.

So how do we address fatigue in our driving to “Switch On” and stay alive.  It requires a number of strategies, from how you sit, that makes you part of the car, controlling apprehension and adrenalin, to raising and moving the eyes around to the horizon, this means it takes longer to reach your reference point, which slows down the intake of information, reducing stress, and driver fatigue.

  1. CREATE a fatigue management plan
  2. Postural Stability – reduce driving fatigue by over 30%
  3. Use your Eyes stalling speed and buying time
  4. Keep your brain active
  5. Move your body
  6. You are what you eat
  7. Hydrate
  8. Don’t look down
  9. Spot early warning signs
  10. Manage the Ever-changing environment
  11. Know when to stop. Leave early, not dead on time

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