UN’S Road safety week means Safer Roads for Gold Coast Learner Drivers

This year Gold Coast Learner Drivers and the United Nations week-long campaign for the decade of action for Road Safety, Total Driver would like to announce a collaboration between Robina State High School on the Gold Coast with our 4-week S.L.A.M. program for their year 12 students beginning on Monday 15th May 2017.

The Total Driver program is the step that every Gold Coast Learner Drivers needs, it is not just about passing the learn to drive test at the transport authority, it is all the elements required in learner driving, to ensure they are prepared as drivers when they get their P plate licence. The foundations of the program were validated by research at Griffith University as a global leader in the industry.
The goal is not to just pass the driving test, but to be Better, Safer and Prepared as a licensed driver.

The Change in Driver Behaviour:

The Total Driver program has been proven through research by Griffith University to actively change the driver behaviour. Dr Andrew Petersen was instrumental in the research that shows a change in driver behaviour, from Reactive to Proactive. Total Driver state a 75% reduction in post licence accidents compared to the Australian and Global statistics.

Free Parental Support:

Additionally, it prepares parents in their role as supervised drivers, at no extra cost, with its included Parent Mentoring Program free as part of Every Total Driver “Development” and “Platinum” program.’

Julie Nixon of our Casino/Ballina Total Driver area stated

“This is a key part of the program, not only are the Driving Instructors comprehensively trained by Total Driver, parents are also included, they have to complete 120 hours of supervised driving, but until now, no-one prepares them for this role. Driver Education has changed so much since we got our drivers licence, yet we have not changed how we prepare our kids as drivers, this is a welcome change to how we prepare young drivers and support their parents.”

FREE to schools:

As part of the program, all schools are provided with three FREE education programs, SAFE, GreenLIGHT and SLAM. According to Professor Ian Glendon from Griffith University, the programs address the Attitudinal, Emotional and Psychological aspects of their development as drivers, in a positive and empowered peer group environment.

Why Total Driver:

The Total Driver program is for parents whose sole focus is to prepare, educate and ensure their kids have the best for life.
All Wheels will continue to operate as a family business focused on customer experience and outcomes that far exceed the average driving school

Session 1: CLASSROOM
– Pre-drive assessment sheet.
– What is Driver training
– Peer group pressure, Driver behaviour.
– Natural environment vs. driving environment, Why we look and don’t see

– Driver and passenger safety / responsibilities.
– Vehicle maintenance
– POWER Petrol Oil Water Electrics Rubber
– Assessment of vehicle condition
– Fluid check, correct fluid for correct application
– Tyre assessment, causes of failure, causes of wear, checking pressure, tyres quality and performance
– Operation of lights and electricals
– UFO’s Unsecured flying objects in cars
– House keeping and cars, keep it clean
– Changing wheels / flat tyres
– Technology and modern vehicle, ABS, SRS mobile phones, the impact on the driver
– Changing brake pads

– Your driving personality
– Loss of control, what is it.
– Defensive and preventive driving techniques,
– Distractions and decision making as a driver. Risk management
– Peer response and management as a driver and also passenger

– Stopping distances and reaction times
– Factors and variables that affect stopping distances
– Demonstration
– ABS, practical demonstration, and experience.
– Why we don’t acknowledge speed.

To be a part of the Total Driver program, or have them present at your school, including parent training nights to support parents in their supervising role, please call Total Driver on 1300 887 352 or contact us here.

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Graduates of Total Driver have a 400% reduction in accidents over the first 3 years of obtaining their license, in comparison to the national average*.

The question we ask all supervisors:

“Will you bet your child’s life you have the skills to teach the art of driving?”