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Wacky Racers Billycart Championship is about bringing the community back together with fun, practical skills that get them off the Ipads and into the world of cars, engineering, fixing and practical how to skills.

Date: Sunday 12th Nov                                                                                     Family Fun day out – Food Trucks

venue: Morgan Park Raceway .                                                                    Car show – Jumping Castles – Face Painting

Billycart Racers

Billycart racers come in all shapes and sizes at the Morgan Park Wacky Racers

Start time 10.oo am Scrutineering 9.00am  Rocker Cover Racing / Competitions and prizes
We remember when driving was fun and that is the objective of Total Drivers billy-cart championship events. Connecting dads and kids, teens and community, youth with experience, with a common goal and objective, to have fun with driving.

A billy cart Championship that is designed to help the youth, business and community come together with projects inspired by our imagination, created with our inspiration and developed with old minds and young hearts.

Billycarts from old wooden favourites to high tech, high impact machines

Billycarts from old wooden favorites to high tech, high impact machine

Our Aim is to encourage participants to be as creative as possible, there are various categories and people can share the same Billycart between their team so everyone gets a drive.

Our Goal is to help youth rediscover their passion for driving, create an understanding of basic mechanics and engineering in vehicles. The competition allows schools, students, and their industrial arts departments, to have a family event with friendly competition. The excitement of getting in behind the wheel for your first steer. From the design, creation and of course, adventure with your mates.

Rules to competing in the Wacky Racers

Guide: How to build your Billy cart

Easy guide: How to tips