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Geoffrey Uhrhane

Our safe driving ambassador is Geoffrey Uhrhane “Where can your driving take you”?

Former Total Driver student and still on his P plates, Geoffrey Uhrhane is setting the racing scene on fire, with controlled, disciplined drives that keep him ahead of the pack.

Geoffrey finished second in the Australian National Formula Ford Championship in 2010 and is now heading to the UK to compete in the British Formula Ford Championship, one of the most hotly contested series in the world. Stars such as Mark Webber have followed the same career path on their way to Formula 1
Geoffrey is our SAFE driving ambassador, aiming to instil passion and discipline into all young drivers who aspire to be a Total Driver, keeping the speed of the road to create SAFERdrivers,SAFERroads and SAFERcommunities

Geoffrey will keep everyone updated on his European adventure, the advanced skills he teaches with the teams corporate programs and what he learns from the teams mentoring processes. The discipline it takes to be a good driver and the qualities he has to reach deep within to use to maximum effect for maximum control, even under the most adverse pressure.

Quote “it is not only the passion to be the best driver I can be, it is the desire to be a Total Driver, for every condition, in every circumstance. It is the success of these core attributes, which also creates my success on the track and safety on the road. “

“Real heroes only race on the track”

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