When passing the driving test is just not enough.

Driving lessons to pass the driving test, always results in a failure to drive

When passing the driving test does not reflect in our ability to drive

When passing the driving test is just not enough

The one thing that unites all human beings is the solid belief that we are all above average drivers.

I read an article today that again shows how passing the driving test is just not enough on how the Gold Coast Road Toll has doubled since the same time last year.

So then as part of writing our newsletter, I googled the same quote and immediately found similar results from NSW. What makes it even worse, if that is possible, is they spend $300 Million dollars to convince everyday drivers it is our fault. Learn More
They spend money on speed enforcement

They invest in campaigns and slogans

They do everything but actually, teach people what good driving skills are.  Simply put, no driver hops into a car to crash and most importantly it illustrates that when passing the driving test is just not enough!

Driving lessons, who prepares the parent, for their role in keeping Learner drivers alive

we all believe we are amazing drivers, yet there is more to this than just passing the driving test

No matter how you search, think about it or investigate, you will not find another form of education that turns the student into the teacher, allows the supervisor to be self-appointed, based on relationship alone and has an assessment process that is so misplaced, that it results in a 3000% increase in post licence accidents and five times the fatality rate of all novice drivers.

In NSW, Provisional drivers account for just 12% of the driving population, yet a staggering 48% of all accidents.

Now Total Driver does a lot of other forms of driver education. We are a specialist in Driver Development.

Apart from the courses we do in Advance driving, Defensive Driving and Performance/racing skills. we also work in disability and rehabilitative driving.

Now here is the irony, and I am going to upset a lot of Occupational Therapists with this one, which is ironic as they are where the majority of the work comes from.

Everyone believes they are entitled to drive, regardless of medical conditions, Emotional, Physical and Mental.

We see it every day, where we are booked to do assessments for people, who in a lot of cases, should just not drive. It is to the point where the driving test standards that apply to every learner driver on their driving test, do not apply to anyone who has a physical or mental disability.

So obviously the requirements to pass the driving test have little to do with the activity of driving. ……….

Okay I am walking on eggshells here, but stay with me.

All the current statistics are showing is that rules and compliance will NOT keep us safe.

In fact they know it takes less than two hours for a new P plate driver to work out what rules they believe are relevant, what rules they do not believe in and file the rest over their proverbial shoulder.

Two hours…………..

Why do we only pay attention to their lack of driving skills after they become monuments

So their solution to this is to create more rules, more compliance, and more restrictions, that simply result in people having more crashes.

Just yesterday, I passed a man, who could not reverse. the most basic activity. yet he passed his driving test.

Not long ago, I witnessed a man who could not park. could not enter, could not exit. yet he was on his Green P plates, he had passed his driving test.

Don’t believe me, have a look at our front page...

So is the system failing our drivers, or are our drivers failing the system?

If you look at all government grants relating to Driver Training and Driver Education. Unless you subscribe to the governments messaging that speed kills, the Fatal Five, distraction, fatigue, speed, alcohol and drugs, etc, that you will die.

Unless you subscribe to their messaging, they will not support you. period

No one is actually teaching people how to drive

Defensive and advance driving are only part of the skills. Passing the driving test is just one part of learning to drive

Passing the driving test is the beginning of their learning, not the end

That is why we are crashing cars

We are having more accidents per person, per km traveled

than ever before.

So how does change happen?

It starts with you, the choices you make on how you teach your kids how to drive

How you choose a driving instructor

The extra education, apart from just passing the driving test.

According to Choice Magazine, that average parent spends over $750,000 to raise their children to adults.

Driving lessons to passing the driving test should be accountable, transparent and provide post lesson support

There is more to passing the driving test than just random driving lessons

So why is driver training a cost, when it protects your most important investment.

The change starts with parents, on how they prepare their kids. It is the ultimate investment in their future

Contact Total Driver today for a roadmap in your journey in learning how to drive

If you are challenged in learning to drive.

If you feel that driving lessons have really let you down

If you have a driving licence, after completing the 100 hours and passing the test and still do not feel prepared as a driver

Contact Total Driver today, tell us your story and you could win a program that shows there is a better way.

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