When Road safety and bureaucracy collide


You will start to see a lot with Total Driver and our new campaign, we have been recruiting and training new instructors, you will soon be introduced and pulling all the loose ends tight.

What we are talking about here though is the bureaucratic mind set that if you do 100 hours, you are automatically qualified as a good driver.
That is simply not the case. 100 hours of doing the wrong practice, still means you cant do it correctly. Hence the road toll in Victoria over the weekend, five people in two days, the road toll breaking all the wrong records.
What are seeing is people deciding it is too hard to comply, 100 hours and 12 months is a big task for even the most cohesive of families, quite simply, there are not that many of those in the real world as it is. Couple that with increasingly busy academic schedules, sports and competition, suddenly 100 hours of anything else is a big ask.

The Graduated Licencing scheme was only up to the age 25, after that you are qualified as a mature driver, from here, get your L’s, do your practice, pass your driving test, then wallah, you are now a licensed driver.
Ummmm. No

It seems the rules have been changed, even over 25 you have to have your learners for 12 months, but here is the catch, you do not have to complete a log book, you do not have to do a minimum amount of driving time, you just have to wait for 12 months. then do what you should have done in the first place.
How does this affect people in the workforce, how are people supposed to manage this with new families and other challenges that we all face in those career and family formative years?

No wonder the road toll, and specially road carnage is out of control when that is the mindset behind road safety legislation………….
If you make it to difficult to comply, people wont do it, then out of the necessity of survival, you turn good people into criminals.

I am sure that there is great proactive road safety and logic in that.

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