Your Ls is about more than getting your licence

If Henry Ford gave his customers what they wanted, it would have been more horses.

Novice Drivers do not have to be over represented in accident and fatalities.

If we ask learner drivers what they want on their Ls, it is cheaper lessons.

If we ask the parents what they want, it is just to get their licence.

If we ask any family where they have had someone who crashed and died this year, it would be anything to get them back.

The challenge is we are motivated by pain, we spend unconditionally to get rid of our pain yet we need to take action in the beginning, to rewrite the story, so we don’t have the pain.

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Graduates of Total Driver have a 400% reduction in accidents over the first 3 years of obtaining their license, in comparison to the national average*.

The question we ask all supervisors:

“Will you bet your child’s life you have the skills to teach the art of driving?”