This is no ordinary trip to Cape York. This is in the spirit of the Leyland Brothers, no bitumen allowed. 

It’s an adventure that will stay with you for a lifetime.In the spirit of the Leyland Brothers first adventure, without anywhere near the drama and challenges – See for your self

Now it is not all going to mud and grind, the place is simply beautiful and our trip will take you places that you could never imagine. 

This is not an ordinary trip to Cape York and that is what makes participation such a once in a lifetime event. 

Sign up your employer, business and their competition. It is all about raw adventure spirit in the names of those that opened Australia before us.  

Cairns To Cape Charity Tour

The Why? behind the event.

Everyone has the goal of one day traveling to Cape York, but as time improves our quality of life, it has gone from a hard-core experience that made people like the Leyland Bros famous, to a trip a Kia Carnival could do. 

There is something that is just not right about that. 

So we thought we would do something about it, make it a true adventure. Something to look forward to every year on the calendar. 

Then we thought, why don’t we make it a signature event. Bring some glamour to it, appeal to people who would never have thought of doing it. 

That is where the idea “Cairns to Cape Charity Tour” was born.

A cross between a reality TV experience, a true adventure experience and a corporate connection to country. 

The Rules.

  1. All Vehicles entered must be stock standard. SUV or 4×4. 
  2. In the lead up, you will be able to bid on accessories to complete the trip. 
  3. Remember there we have capped the event at 20 vehicles, but only enough accessories for 12. 
  4. For those who miss out on the accessories, there are rescue credits. These are unlimited, but who knows how much you will need. 
  5. The online auction is 01 June to 30th June. 
  6. This gives you July to get your accessories fitted. 
  7. Accommodation will be supplied. 
  8. There are challenges, competitions and prizes on the way. 
  9. Ways to raise funds include
    1. bidding on accessories
    2. Bidding on Rescue Credits
    3. People sponsoring your adventures
    4. SM exposure and followers gained
    5. How much they contribute to the nominated charities
    6. Most popular vote
    7. Greatest villan of the event vote
    8.  Entry fees
    9. Bribes of everyone including judges. This can include your rescue credits. 
    10. Good deeds done along the way
  10. These are the only rules, first one to the tip, wins


Day 1. Cairns adventure – Kuranda Including Skyrail, Kuranda Scenic Railway and Rainforestation
This includes a half day 4WD how to course. listed below. 

Event dinner – Nautilus Restaurant – Port Douglas

Day 2. Cape Tribulation –  Great Barrier Reef exploration and adventures, including snorkelling of the reef, diving and croc tour

Dinner and accommodation – Cape Trib Beach house

Day 3 – 12  

  • Elim Beach
  • Cape Flattery
  • Gunshot creek
  • Fruitbat falls
  • Nolans
  • Jardine river and ferry crossing
  • Loyalty beach
  • Five beaches 
  • Punsand Bay, The tip of Cape York
Return = 2 days to Cairns. 

Ways to manage your arrival to Cairns

There are options such as rail and freight transport, so getting to Cairns is a quick flight for most people, regardless of state. 
Your vehicle can be loaded and sent to its destination once sign off for preparation and accessories is completed. 

Who provides the accessories?

Our goal is the major players in the 4WD market. TJM, ARB, Cooper tyres, to name a few. 
They provide the accessories as part of their charitable donation, and people bid on them. 

Why will people bid on accessories?

This trip is about survival. Ordinary people in ordinary SUVs and urban 4×4 in an extraordinary environment. 

The catch is, there is only enough accessories for half the vehicles, so people will have to bid on the “Rescue Credits”

All proceeds raised through this go to the Charities of the nominated partners. 

The company that raises the most funds for their charity, wins!

Accessories include

  • Camping tents, and trailer campers
  • Winches
  • Tracks
  • bullbars
  • Side protection
  • Lift kits
  • Wheel and tyre packages
  • Recovery kits.

How to enter

A business can nominate someone from within to represent them. 

A person can nominate and get a business to sponsor them. 

However you chose to do it, the goal is to enter as a TEAM. to raise funds and conquer the tropical North.

Businesses, pitched against their competition on who is raising the most funds, can also promote through their client bases, to contribute. 

Preparing you and your 4WD

All participants vehicles will be signed off as being serviced, Roadworthy and accessories fitted by the authorised agents

Meeting In Cairns, a half day treck will take you into 4WD territory and a course in everything to prepare you. 

  1. Water Crossings
  2. Winching and recovery
  3. Snatch strap recoveries
  4. Rated recovery points
  5. Do and don’ts 
  6. 4WD skills and techniques
  7. Tyre pressure and adjustments
  8. Tracks and recoveries
  9. Emergency procedures. 
  10. CB and sat phone use



We have a chef as part of our crew and a vehicle just for food and supplies. We might be roughing it, but you will be eating and living like kings and queens!

Any dietary requirements, just let us know. 

Cost per meal is included in your entry fee. 

Dinners are camp oven meals

Lunches are wraps, salads and fresh fruit

Breakfast will be BBQs. 

Vegetarians are also catered for. 

How you raise funds for your charity.

All accessories purchased go to the nominated Charity of that company.

Rescue Credits go to your nominated Charity, but if you need to use them


, are transferred to the owner of the rescue credit.

Sponsorship, you can sell space on your car, your sm channels – all funds raised to to your charity. 

Company raised funds – Campanies can promote through B2B and B2C to raise awareness and funds for the nominated charity. 

Accessories supplied, funds raised via bidding, go to the companies nominated Charity. 

Your team can approach any charity to sponsor and partner. 

Benefits of being involved. 

Once in a lifetime adventure. I mean anyone can do the cape, even a Kia Sorato, but to do it like this?

Goodwill to community and community causes. 

Business to business networking and promotions, an opportunity to connect and have serious fun. 

Expressions of interest

So we have peaked your interest, get in contact and nominate 
Your team 
Your business
and lets get cracking. 

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The question we ask all supervisors:

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