Professional driving instructors; why are teen drivers over-represented in crash statistics.

People do not hop into cars to crash. Yet we do it consistently well, costing our economy over $36bn pa. 75% of the people in Young Care, are under 25 and there through road trauma. There has to be a better way. Surely this would not be the case with professional driving instructors.

This is a really important article to dig down. See people do not hop into cars to crash. Now I have travelled halfway around the world in the highest risk environments, at crazy speeds, developing peoples driving skills. I have never sat beside someone who had the intention on crashing cars.

But when it comes to the average driver on the road, I have sat beside plenty who have genuinely scared me, not because they were fast or agressive, sped, or broke laws, it is because their driving skills were so poor, their planning so atrocious, that the risk was out of control, and they could not see it.

Hence this is the problem. Driving instructors are traditionally ordinary drivers like the people we share the road with. For the most important role, for the highest risk activity, we are not going from the top down, we are starting from the baseline up

The only requirement to become a driving instructor is a four-day course on how to run a small business. They are then told they will learn the rest for themselves. They use their own experiences as the benchmark.

If you are lucky, they may have enrolled in a defensive course somewhere, if you are really lucky, they may have some passion for driving that has put them in circles of competent professional drivers. Maybe.

The only requirement to be a driving examiner is to work as Transport dept front counter staff, an inhouse program on the rules around a driving test and KPI’s as to their pass rate.

The entire process is about rules and compliance, about passing the driving test.
The people that administer the process are not from the highest level of industry, they are not trained by Mark Webber, graduated the Brabham School of driving. They are just ordinary average drivers that we all share the road with.

Learner to provisional shows a massive error in driver preparation. They are simply not being prepared as a driver, only to pass the driving test.

What the graph represents, (is called the “Default” meaning “What happens if we don’t do anything.) is the approach and emphasis of just passing the driving test, has little to do with the activity of driving.

Essentially what this graphic is really showing is how unprepared they are for their role as a driver. This is directly driven from the exposure of the driving trainers / driving instructors they were exposed to at the most important phase, when they first started learning to drive


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The absolute irony about this is they know (legislators) that it takes less than two hours for a person to identify what rules are relevant and not and metaphorically throw them away. Everything has been done, but actually teaching what good driving is. There is no emphasis or understanding of techniques

The actual cost of our road toll

The challenge is, the driver training industry’s only value proposition is passing the driving test.

  • The Client (student) only wants to meet the objective.
  • The industry (driving schools) only wants to satisfy the client, (this is how they generate revenue) and their only proposition is to compete on price and lessons. 
  • The assessment criteria is a series of slow speed maneuvers in a controlled environment and
  • The Failure rate post license is a whopping 3000% increase in crashesLEARN MORE  
  • They are doing everything, but actually teaching what good driving skills are.

Did you know, that most of the NFP (Not for Profits) who do school-based driver education campaigns are driven by parents, who have lost their teens in road trauma. Learn more

They are all facilitated from the perspective of fear, none understand what driver training actually is and all have to conform to the governments positioning to claim funding. yet it is these very policies that have caused the issue.

So who prepares you as the supervised driver, to prepare them for their log book hour requirements?

It takes months to prepare a professional Total Driver instructor. This is what makes the current position of forcing parents into the role of supervised drivers so wrong.

No other form of education would be allowed to operate like this. Yet we do it with our kids every day and then blame them, for the consequences of everything they were not told.
Parents do not take this approach with their education, their sporting pursuits, even music, but they do it every day, risking the one thing they cannot replace for a few cheap driving lessons.

There is so much more to driving than the basics of starting, stopping and staying between the painted lines. So who prepares you, to prepare them?
No other form of education allows you to “Learn your own way” For Cameron, it nearly cost him his life.

Why Total Driver?

This is the real value in the Total Driver program. You are getting a FREE high-end driving course as part of your investment and commitment to their driving outcomes.

A program that supports and prepares you

At each step, we include you in the process, assessments that guide you through where we are at, where we want you to practice and how much practice is required. We are now your support, their coach and together we are a team, on a journey.

Support material, that gives you the information you need, in bite size chunks so you can absorb, relate and help them practice.

By the end of the program, your teen is prepared in all areas of driving, and you have a suite of resources to assist with practice driving, a teen who is competent and a pleasure to sit beside.

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